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15-08-2023 - Winner of the first Nordic Health App Award 2023

23-05-2023 - Top circular economy event calls for future-proofing of investment portfolios

11-05-2023 - The Nordic mobilize to advance adoption of ethical AI by building a supportive ecosystem

10-05-2023 - Kerecis winner of the Nordic Scaleup of the year 2023

04-05-2023 - New project will discover the innovation potential in data from Nordic patient records

02-05-2023 - New project will develop an ethical AI solution to read Nordic patient records

27-03-2023 - Nordic Innovation supports the next phase of the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation (NEA)


01-11-2022 - New Nordic Travel Contest to develop a sustainable and stronger Nordic tourism industry

30-06-2022 - Nordic Collaboration for Sustainable Mineral Production

03-06.2022 - Winners of the first Nordic Scaleup Award 2022

25-05.2022 - The Nordic scaleup ecosystem decreased during the pandemic

06-04.2022 - Winner of the Nordic AI & Open Data Hackathon 2022


01.12.2021 — Rambøll and Happy42 Awarded Contract for Planning and Executing a Nordic AI and Data Hackathon

08.11.2021 — Nordic Ports are Getting Ready for the Expanding Offshore Wind Industry

26.10.2021 — New Sustainability Reporting Standard for Nordic SMEs

17.09.2021 — Den nordiske berggrunnen kan spille sentral rolle i det grønnet skiftet

17.09.2021 — Pohjoismaiden kallioperä voi nousta vihreän siirtymän keskiöön

17.09.2021 — Den nordiska berggrunden kan spela en central roll i den gröna omställningen

09.09.2021 — Ideon Science Park Selected as Nordic Scalers 2.0 Community Building Partner

09.04.2021 — Nordic Innovation is Joining Hack for Earth at Expo 2020


30.10.2020 — HELFI Wins the Grand Nordic Health Hackathon

10.09.2020 — NOK 2+ Million to Promote Nordic Sustainable City Solutions

09.09.2020 — Nordic Innovation Launches Board Game to Help Shape the Future of Urban Mobility

02.09.2020 — NOK 16 Million to Projects Developing Sustainable Mobility in the Nordic Region

01.09.2020 — DKK 250 Million to a Greener Post-COVID-19 Business Sector

21.08.2020 — New Call: Nordic Innovation is Looking for a New Generation of Nordic Scalers

03.07.2020 — 7 new Nordic projects Accelerating the Transition to a Circular Economy

11.06.2020 — Female Entrepreneurship and Scale Up Activity in the Nordic Countries

23.04.2020 — New Catalogue Showcases Nordic Solutions Tackling COVID-19


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