Nordic Innovation co-funds about 70 ongoing Nordic innovation projects that contributes to making the Nordic region a pioneering region for sustainable growth. Most of the projects are funded through our programs.
Nordic Circular Economy Playbook 2.0 frontpage
#Circular Business Models

Nordic Circular Economy Playbook 2.0

The new Playbook 2.0 builds on the Nordic Circular Economy Playbook, and is tailored to companies in the Nordic manufacturing industries. The new playbook have several useful updates and is your guide to circular business models.

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#Circular Business Models

Nordic Blockchain Alliance

Exploring the potential and the preconditions of a joint Nordic Blockchain in the lifestyle industries.

Kvinde kigger på naturen

X-Nordic Travel Contest

The aim of this project is to identify opportunities for strengthening sustainability and competitiveness of the Nordic tourism industry.

#Circular Business Models

Nordic Venture Capital Challenge

New Nordic initiative to support the development of new venture capital funds in the Nordic region, in order to help funds to become green and encourage funds to have gender diversity in their partnership structure.

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#Science and Health Tech

Nordic AMPlify USA 2022-2023

Accelerating U.S. market entrance and growth for the most promising Nordic digital health and medtech companies.