Nordic Innovation co-funds about 70 ongoing Nordic innovation projects that contributes to making the Nordic region a pioneering region for sustainable growth. Most of the projects are funded through our programs.
Nordic Circular Design programme logo
#Circular Business Models

Nordic Circular Design programme

Nordic Circular Design Programme's purpose is to prepare Nordic companies for the upcoming Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) and to ensure their competitiveness in the global circular transition.

A row of 10 wind turbines standing in the sea
#Sustainable Ocean Economy

Nordic BioBuz

The Nordic BioBuz project explore the synergies between offshore wind energy, low-trophic aquaculture and ecosystem enhancing services in the Baltic Sea.

WCEF24 banner with date and place
#Circular Business Models

World Circular Economy Forum 2024

The annual World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) presents the world’s leading circular economy solutions with business leaders, policymakers and experts participating from around the world.

Mobile phone with health data apps on the screen held by a man
#Science and Health Tech

Nordic Health App Award 2024

Nordic Innovation will again celebrate the Nordic health app industry by hosting the Nordic Health App Award 2024 to discover and recognize top health apps from the Nordic countries.

Green gras growing between circular shaped paving stones
#Circular Business Models

Nordic Circular Economy Outlook 2024

The Circular Economy Outlook is an survey of the circular transition of publicly listed companies in the Nordics. The purpose is to investigate the progress of the circular transition from expressed goals to measurable results. We also map drivers and bar

University of Copenhagen Southern Campus. A modern building and open space with trees.
#Entrepreneurship #Circular Business Models

Startup at Nordic Universities

This pre-project aims to establish a network of student & researcher startup hubs and innovation centers at Nordic universities.