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A podcast dedicated to sustainable innovation and growth in the Nordic region.

Together with some of the brightest minds in the North, Nordic Innovation will give you an update on where we stand, where we are headed, and why the Nordics should collaborate to become a pioneering region for sustainable growth.

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Episode 12

Reporting as a driver for circular change

Why do we need sustainability reporting frameworks and how do they benefit companies? Do they make a difference in attracting investment capital and customers? What may future regulatory demands and changing stakeholder expectations entail for companies?
Thomas Zimmerman from Swed Bank and Hans Christian Ellefsen from Regnskap Norge shine light on these questions while Arnt Otnes from Sifa tells how it worked out for them.
Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 11

Tools to go circular - Nordic Circular Economy Playbook

The Nordic Circular Economy Playbook is a step-by-step toolkit for Nordic companies to reduce inefficiencies in linear operations by applying the principles of circular business models.
Marthe Haugland from Nordic Innovation, Hedda Brande from Accenture and Jyri Arponen from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra discuss the Playbook, and Jari Luoma-aho from the Finnish company Valtra explains how they unlocked new opportunities for value creation with circular business models.
Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 10

Innovation for circular solutions – experiences from LOOP Lab

Learn how the Nordic LOOP Labs contribute to moving circular economy from strategy to business by facilitating collaborations and identifying concrete actions and ideas that meet the needs of the user.
We meet Moona Pohjola from Verona Growth and Maria Klint from Antrop, both part of the Nordic ecosystem LOOP. We also hear from Jenni Tuomisto from Schibsted Finland about how Finland’s biggest consumer marketplace Tori has worked with the LOOP circular innovation process.
Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 9

Nordic Circular Hotspot. Why circular?

In this episode, Elin Bergman from Cradlenet and Einar K. Holthe from Natural State, both part of Nordic Circular Hotspot, discuss why and how the Nordics are cooperating to accelerate the circular transition. We also meet Jens Brustad who explains how Looping, a company that develops reusable transport packaging, creates value through circular business models.
Hostedby Nils Johan Halvorsen

Episode 8

Preventive Healthcare versus Treatment-focused Healthcare

Only 0.3% of GDP in the Nordic countries goes to preventive health, compared with 10% of GDP for treatments. Can our welfare model handle this in the long term? Teppo Rantanen from the City of Tampere and Line Gerstrand from the City of Aarhus shares their experiences with preventive health innovation, while Rasmus Malmborg from Nordic Innovation talks about developing sustainable health systems in the Nordics. Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 7

Health Innovation in the Nordic Region

Health innovation may be key if the Nordic region shall become the most sustainable and integrated region in the world in 2030. Marianne Larsson from Innovation Skåne, Nima Jokilaakso from Business Finland and Rasmus Malmborg discuss if we are truly seizing the opportunities that exists within health innovation. Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 6

Sharing Health Data – The Innovation Perspective

Can the Nordic region compete with Asia and USA when it comes to health innovation? AI and investment expert Lisa Mallner from Copenhagen Capacity, co-author of the Bridging Nordic Data report Hanne Pernille Guldbrandsen from Deloitte, and Rasmus Malmborg from Nordic Innovation discuss how shared health data in the Nordics can give us a comparative advantage. Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 5

Sharing Health Data – The Security Perspective

Why does sharing health data matter – and can we do it in a secure matter? Inga Godø from Microsoft Norway, and Rasmus Malmborg and Thordur Reynisson from Nordic Innovation, talks about the benefits of sharing health data matter and how we can do it technically. Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 4

To the Skies!

Will all domestic flights be electric in the future? Fossil-free aviation pioneers Maria Fiskerud and Olav Mosvold Larsen guides us through the possibilities of sustainable aviation. Maybe we will fly more – not less. Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 3

All Hands on Deck

Are we moving swiftly enough in decarbonizing our maritime industry? Marime experts Nanna Thit and Sofia Fürstenberg Stott look at how we can achieve green shipping and sustainable sea transport, and how some of the major actors in the Nordic maritime sector is working together in the Nordic Green Ammonia Powered Ships (NoGAPS) and the Connected Ship project. Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 2

On the Move

Can the future of public transport be fully integrated and even autonomous? Pekka Niskanen from Finnish Maas company Kyyti Group and Hans Fridberg from Danish autonomous vehicle operatos Holo explains how smart mobility will change our daily routines – and minimize our carbon footprints. Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.

Episode 1

Greener Goods

Electrification and automation will change the way goods move. But how? Logistics strategist Per Olof Arnäs explores the major trends within logistics and transportation – and some challenges too. Hosted by Nils Johan Halvorsen.