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PRESS RELEASE: New project will discover the innovation potential in data from Nordic patient records

“The Nordics have some of the best quality heath data in the world, which has been systematically collected for many years, but it is being utilized far too little. Part of the reason is that the unstructured part of patient records has not been used systematically for innovation purposes, however, we believe the potential is big, and we are very much looking forward to working with the consortium on real use cases to discover what this type of unstructured data can actually be used for,” says Rasmus Malmborg, Head of Program at Nordic Innovation.

The aim of the project: FederatedHealth: A Nordic Federated Health Data Network, is to demonstrate a concrete solution utilizing data from patient records across the Nordic countries in solving healthcare challenges.

“This project exploits electronic health record data across multiple Nordic countries to demonstrate a smart solution for detecting new and serious adverse drug reactions, and also for improving patient safety during MRI examinations. Developing privacy-preserving health data networks across borders is not only a critical technological challenge but it is also a necessary step to ensure that data-driven innovation can benefit Nordic society and businesses,” says Taridzo Chomutare, Project Manager at Norwegian Centre for E-health Research.

Project partners

The project will be run by a consortium of partners from Nordic and Baltic countries:

  • Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (Project Coordinator) (NO)
  • University of Turku (FIN)
  • Stockholm University (SWE)
  • County Council of Östergötland/Linköping University Hospital (SWE)
  • DNV (NO)
  • University of Copenhagen (DK)
  • University of Tartu (EST)
  • Omilon (DK)
  • Cambio (SWE)

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