PRESS RELEASE: Nordic Innovation supports the next phase of the Nordic Network for Electric Aviation (NEA)

The project will among other map and carry out necessary infrastructure changes, develop business models and evaluate safety and security requirements for electric aviation.

“We have supported NEA since 2019 and have witnessed how the power of collaboration and the value of coordination across borders in this industry-led project have laid the foundation for the development of a new Nordic aviation industry. NEA can impact not only the way we travel, but also how and where we work and live. Electrical aviation can have invaluable effects for people, business and society. By working together, the partners of NEA are placing the Nordics in a pioneering role in sustainable aviation globally”, says Nina Egeli, Head of Program at Nordic Innovation.  

Speeding up the implementation of electric aviation in the Nordics

The project works with four overall goals within electric aviation: standardization, connectivity, Nordic context and co-creation.  To reach the overall goals, NEA 2.0 will focus on the cross-Nordic activities:

  • Infrastructure and new technology: Prepare destinations for electric aircraft by mapping out necessary infrastructure changes
  • Safety and security: Evaluate safety and security requirements, adapt and prepare requirements for electric aviation
  • Decision support system: Create a decision support system for stakeholders to optimize infrastructure and operations for the future of electric aviation
  • Communication and Government Affairs: Increase political and public awareness around electric aviation through communication activities

“Co-creation is the fundamental for the success of NEA. We have the stakeholders in the eco-system that will make this happen. We have airports, we have airlines as well as test arenas and airplane business. We can share experiences and learn from each other with each stakeholder becoming more competitive as a result”, says Maria Fiskerud, NEA Project Management Team and Innovation Eco-system Lead at Heart Aerospace.

The purpose of Nordic Network for Electric Aviation (NEA) is to make intra-Nordic, cross-border, electric aviation routes possible and to speed up the implementation of electrical aviation in the Nordics.

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Nina Egeli - Senior Innovation Adviser

Nina Egeli

Senior Innovation Adviser
Internationalization, innovation and business development support, in combination with a strong background in strategy and policy development are main pillars in Nina’s professional life. Through project design and management, she aims to fit market needs with relevant services and opportunities that allows new business partnerships and business projects to prosper.

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