Privacy and Data Protection Policy

1. Data Controller

The Managing Director of Nordic Innovation is responsible for the processing of personal data pertaining to Nordic Innovation.

2. Data Protection Officer

Nordic Innovation has a data protection officer at the organisation. The primary responsibilities of this staff member is to; act as the professional/institutional resource within the domain of personal privacy; be of service regarding information and guidance of employee data; and to ensure that the regulations and internal guidelines for data processing are being met.

Furthermore, the data protection officer is responsible for answering questions from individuals that have their personal information processed by Nordic Innovation.

3. Web-Based Processing of Personal Data

3.1 General Processing

Nordic Innovation collects and processes personal data through our website and other domains registered for various programmes and activities run by Nordic Innovation.

It is optional to submit personal data when visiting our websites. The processing of submitted personal data through our offered services, like newsletter subscription and event registration, is based on user consent.

Frontkom delivers operation and maintenance services for our websites and acts as data processors for Nordic Innovation. Access to personal data is available only for Nordic Innovation, the service provider and its subcontractors.

For streaming of events, we use Facebook Live. The use of this service is subject to the privacy policy of the company providing the service.

3.2 Web Statistics

When you visit the Nordic Innovation website, your IP address is registered. The data is processed in a disidentified form and cannot be traced back to individual persons. The purpose of this collection is to obtain statistics that we use to develop and improve our website. The statistics is used to, among other things, obtain knowledge about the numbers of visitors of the various sites, how long each visit last, visitors’ country of origin and what browsers or devices are used.

3.3 Web Analysis and Cookies

Nordic Innovation uses Google Analytics as our web analytics tool. We use Google Tag Manager as a tool to manage most of the cookies mentioned here. By visiting, you consent to our use of cookies, and consent that this processing is subject to the privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is set up to process IP addresses in a disidentified form. Google Analytics collect data through cookies, which are small text files that are placed on your computer when browsing a website. Nordic Innovation uses cookies to generate statistics for analysis to improve functionality and user experience of our website.

Most browsers will automatically accept cookies. If you do not accept the use of cookies you must change your browser settings. Deactivating cookies may result in limited functionality of our website.


This website stores information about what keywords users use on our websites through Google Analytics. The purpose of the storage is to improve our information service. The search usage pattern is stored in aggregated form. Only the keyword is saved and it can not be linked to other information about the users, such as IP addresses.

Nordic Innovation has anonymous information that is subject to Google's privacy policy.
You can find information about Google analytics cookies here.

We respect "Do Not Track" settings in the user's browser (for the X-Do-Not-Track and DNT header). The Do Not Track feature is included in most new versions of browsers. Alternatively, it can be entered by the user himself.
How to manage cookies (
As a user, you can also edit settings for Google Analytics statistics and data sharing Google Data privacy and security


Enabling these cookies is not strictly necessary for the website to work but it will provide you with a better browsing experience. You can delete or block these cookies, but if you do that some features of this site may not work as intended.

The cookie-related information is not used to identify you personally and the pattern data is fully under our control. These cookies are not used for any purpose other than those described here.

Do you want us to not collect your data via HotJar?

We take your privacy very seriously. Access to your data is limited to the website owner and is constructed in a way to protect you and your information. That said, we don’t want anyone feeling unsure of how their data is being handled and you can choose whether to be tracked or not by following the instructions below.

If you want to opt-out to the use of Hotjar cookies, click here

3.4 Registration for Events

Drupal CMS and Tappin is used by Nordic Innovation to handle registration for various events and Frontkom acts as data processor for Nordic Innovation. Data collected and stored is used to administer registration and participation in events and is only accessible for Nordic Innovation and the service provider. Any personal information you have shared during registration will be deleted as soon as possible, but no later than 12 months after the event.

3.5 Newsletters

You can subscribe to the Nordic Innovation newsletter to receive updates on our activities and receive invitations to our events. The newsletter is distributed approximately 12 times a year. MailChimp is our service provider for distribution of newsletters and acts as data processor for Nordic Innovation. To send the newsletter to the correct recipients, we must store your email address. Any other personal information is optional to submit. The submitted data will never be shared, rented or sold to any third parties, and will be deleted if you unsubscribe. The data is used only for administering the newsletter. The newsletter and the signup form at contains links to unsubscribe or administer you own registered data. You can unsubscribe at any time.

4. Photos and video at events

Nordic Innovation use photographs and videos taken at our events in print and digital media with the purpose to disseminate knowledge and information about our activities. When you attend an event organized by Nordic Innovation, you automatically give your consent for Nordic Innovation to use photographs and videos taken at the event when you register or sign up for the event. Nordic Innovation will make any photographer’s presence apparent in our sign-up or registration forms.

Nordic Innovation will only publish photographs or videos in context, and there must be no reason to believe that damage or distress could potentially be caused to the people appearing in the footage.

Speakers at Nordic Innovation’s events will be asked directly to give their permission to publish photographs and videos where they are on together with their name, title and organization. The consent may be revoked at any time by contact with Nordic Innovation.

When the name and image of a person are linked, or are capable of being linked, Nordic Innovation will obtain consent of the persons being photographed or filmed to use the image.

If you wish a published image of yourself removed, Nordic Innovation can be contacted, and the image will be removed from the web as fast as possible.

5. Electronic Recruitment Portal

Nordic Innovation processes personal date when recruiting through an online portal; Emply Hire. The portal is used by all Nordic organisations under the Nordic Council of Ministers.  A data processing agreement is in place between the Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat and Emply Hire.

All applications sent through the portal are saved for eight months before being automatically deleted from the system. You can find information about Emply Hire Privacy Policy here.

6. Data Processing and Archive

Nordic Innovation uses GoPro (and GoPro SelfService) for receiving, processing and archiving funding applications. The technical solution is delivered by Hugvit hf. A data processing agreement between Nordic Innovation and Hugvit regulates the data processing between the two entities. The day-to-day responsibility lies with the advisers of Nordic Innovation.

Personal data is processed whenever applications and evaluations or project follow-ups are processed. These procedures are stored electronically in GoPro and those with the access rights have access to this information. Nordic Innovation has established routines for the usage of GoPro and the manual archive. You can find information about GoPro Privacy Policy here.

As a general rule, Nordic Innovation stores the following personal information on project participants: name, e-mail address, position, workplace and role in the project.

7. Personal Data and Employees

Nordic Innovation keeps personal data regarding its employees to manage pay-rolls and staff responsibilities in accordance with the Personal Data Act § 8 first row and § 8 sections a, b and f, and § 9 sections a, b and f.

Nordic Innovation registers information that is necessary for the payment of salaries, such as basic information, salary level, work hour registration, tax percentage, tax municipality and union affiliation. Other information regarding employees are listed in the employee guidelines.

8. Your Rights

Individuals, who are registered within the data system pertaining to Nordic Innovation, have a right to access his or her personal data. In case the shared personal data is incorrect, incomplete or if Nordic Innovation is storing information that it is not allowed to have, the registered individual has the right to demand that such information will either be corrected, deleted or supplemented. Such requests will be answered and addressed within 30 days, free of charge.

9. Contact Information

Svein Berg
Managing Director