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Nordic Innovation is Joining Hack for Earth at Expo 2020

Hack for Earth are proud to welcome Nordic Innovation, an organization under the Nordic Council of Ministers, as partners in the Hack for Earth community, just as the United Nations did a few days ago! We are looking forward to explore the possibilities for the Hack for Earth project at Expo2020.

"Together with Nordic Innovation we will strengthen our focus on sustainable innovation for the good of society, and ensure that the innovative mindset of the Nordics will have a strong presence in the Hack for Earth project at Expo2020”, says Ann Molin, Founder and Secretary General of the Hack for Earth Foundation.

Connecting minds, creating the future

Hack for Earth is the embodiment of the Expo 2020 Dubai spirit - “connecting minds, creating the future”. Citizens of the world will work together in an online global hackathon with the explicit mission to find real tech solutions addressing the SDG’s. In a post Covid-19 world Hack for Earth has an important part to play at the world exhibition Expo2020. By digitally bringing the Expo2020 to people all around the world, Hack for Earth will make it possible for everyone, even those who cannot travel, to be an active part of creating the future our planet needs. 

"We are pleased that it is possible to set up Nordic cooperation as part of the Expo2020. The focus of the cooperation will be to develop sustainable solutions to meet the SDG-17. We are also pleased that we do this in partnership with the Hack for Earth Foundation, says Svein Berg, Managing Director at Nordic Innovation.

Citizen-driven innovation

At the heart of Hack for Earth is co-creation and innovation. By inviting all citizens to be part of the solutions that the world needs to achieve the SDG’s – a core value for the Hack for Earth Foundation - this is the concept of “citizen-driven innovation”. A hackathon* is one way to combine co-creation and innovation in a hands-on manner to create citizen-driven innovation. By bringing people with different backgrounds, nationalities and competences together to work in teams on specific challenges with a clear focus on sustainability, diversity and impact, anyone who is passionate about global change can participate.

Real solutions for the world of tomorrow

Hack for Earth will gather the global innovation ecosystem from citizens to global organisations, private companies, public sector, academia and non-profit organisations to collaborate and innovate. After the hackathon prize ceremony on December 15th 2021, the winning solutions will be submitted to a high standard, customized accelerator program organized by the Hack for Earth Foundation. Hack for Earth is a proven concept, inspired by the government mission Hack for Sweden.

Dream for Earth

Launching on May 17th, the interactive campaign Dream for Earth will invite people all around the world to share their dream for the future, related to the SDG’s. The dreams submitted will shape the foundation of the challenges in the hackathon* Hack for Earth, opening in October 2021.

The global Dream for Earth campaign will help us find out what future people are dreaming about connected to the SDG’s, and create a solid foundation for the challenges in the hackathon. The purpose is also to engage and involve citizens in the SDG’s, inviting all people to be part of creating the solutions the world needs.

More information

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*A hackathon is a competition in innovation. In a short period of time, people called “hackers” work in teams to create solutions to predefined challenges.


Lena Henriksson - Head of Communication

Lena Henriksson

Head of Communication
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