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Together with some of the brightest minds in the Nordics, we give you an update on where we stand, where we are headed, and why the Nordics should collaborate to become a pioneering region for sustainable growth.

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News and events

Woman engineer at work
#AI and Data

Nordic AI & Open Data Hackathon

Join us to demonstrate how digital solutions can help the Nordics become a leading region in digitalization, AI and responsible use of open data.

On-shore power supply container from project partners PowerCon.
#Mobility and Transport

Cold ironing opportunities in the Nordics

The final report from the On Shore Power Supply in the Nordic Region project analyzes the Nordic cold ironing infrastructure – an important measure for how ports can reduce emissions from shipping.
Man running on the horizon.
#Health and Life Science

Shifting Focus from Treatment to Prevention

In the latest episode of the Nordic Innovation Forecast podcast, we discuss ways to make our health systems sustainable amongst demographic changes and increasing lifestyle diseases.
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Nuutoqaq Beach by night - view up the coast.
#Health and Life Science

UNLEASH Nordic Innovation Lab

Upskilling 200 Nordic youth and promoting innovation and knowledge-sharing across the Nordic region.

Europe seen from the air at night

Hack for Earth

The Hack for Earth Foundation will in 2021 and 2022 carry out the project Hack for Earth. The project consists of three elements: Dream for Earth, Hack for Earth and Pitch for Earth.

Nordic Sustainable Business Transformation

Nordic Circular Economy Playbook

Do you want to drive circular change for your business? Use the playbook and supporting tools achieve circular advantage for your and business.


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