Nordic Sustainable Business Transformation

The Nordic Circular Economy Playbook is here!

Enable circular advantage for your company.
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From Circular Strategy to Actual Business in the Nordics

Nordic Innovation targets the traditional manufacturing sector in the Nordic region with the Nordic Circular Economy Playbook. The Playbook gives the companies the tools needed to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy.
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#Mobility and Transport

Nordic Drone Initiative

The Nordic countries join hands to investigate the efficient usage of air space and to accelerate the introduction of drone-based solutions for future mobility.

Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity

Explore the Nordic Mobility Universe

Learn more about the Nordic mobility ecosystem and 13 projects that changes the way people and goods move.


Frontpage: Nordic Scalers Impact Stories written on a picture of a buliding with clear skies in the background.

Nordic Scalers Impact Stories

This publication puts a spotlight on nine of the Nordic Scalers Alumni and their unique strategies to deal with the most common growth challenges and seize upon opportunities to scale.

frontpage to the pamphlet Nordic Scalers, Growth solutions - Covid-19

Nordic Scalers Growth Solutions COVID-19

The pamphlet puts a spotlight on 10 of the 33 Nordic Scalers Alumni each of whom have their own unique story to tell when it comes to scaling in the face of Covid-19.