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Building a Nordic Innovation Ecosystem around Technology Infrastructures and Testbeds

Project 2019 - 2020 Closed

The Nordic Research and Technology organisations (RTOs) represented by GTS in Denmark, VTT in Finland, SINTEF in Norway and RISE in Sweden have launched a joint initiative with a long-term aim of offering Nordic companies access to a portfolio of advanced test facilities (testbeds) and expert knowhow across the Nordic countries.

To meet this long-term aim, the Nordic RTOs will prepare the ground for establishing sustainable crossborder networks of Nordic testbeds.

One element of the initiative is a report presenting a feasibility study of Nordic testbeds collaborations identifiying different models for testbeds collaboration that the RTOs might be able to implement on their own.

The project consists of three parts:

Part 1
Building a Nordic innovation ecosystem around technology infrastructures and testbeds.
– feasibility study of Nordic testbed collaborations.

Part 2
Paving the way towards sustainable economy - alleviating the “Valley of Death” through Nordic Testbed collaboration.
- Position Paper by Nordic Research and Technology Organisations.

Part 3
Testbed Day Planning.

The outcome of the feasibility study will be published during the spring of 2020.