Board Members

Nordic Innovation's board members are selected by the five Nordic governments. The chair of the board is an alternating position. Board meetings are held approximate four times a year and representatives from Nordic Council of Ministers and Nordic Innovation are present at all meetings.

Heikki Uusi-Honko (chair)
Development Director for International Operations at Business Finland
Helsinki, Finland

Lýður Skúli Erlendson
R&D Fund Administrator Rannís
Reykjavík, Iceland

Andreas Rahlf Hauptmann
Office Manager, EU & International relations at the Danish Business Authority 
Copenhagen, Denmark


Cecilia Sjöberg
Head of Industrial Technologies Division, Vinnova
Stockholm, Sweden

Representative from the Nordic Council of Ministers:
Berglind Hallgrimsdottir
Senior Adviser, Business, Energy & Regional Development
Copenhagen, Denmark

Representative from Nordic Innovation:
Nina Egeli (observer)
Senior Innovation Adviser
Oslo, Norway

Representative from Vinnuframi (the Faroese trade promotion authority):
Mathea Hilduberg (observer)
Tórshavn, Faroe Islands