Nordic Innovation co-funds about 70 ongoing Nordic innovation projects that contributes to making the Nordic region a pioneering region for sustainable growth. Most of the projects are funded through our programs.
Tourist standing at night looking up at the northern lights.
#Diversity and Inclusion

The Sámi Business Arena

Develop and prepare people and businesses for a digital and sustainable future.

Nuutoqaq Beach by night - view up the coast.
#Science and Health Tech

UNLEASH Nordic Innovation Lab

Upskilling 200 Nordic youth and promoting innovation and knowledge-sharing across the Nordic region.

illustration: four people climbing a growth chart

Nordic Scalers 2.0

Nordic Innovation runs Nordic Scalers 2.0 involving three new programs for scaleups in the Nordic region.

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Hack for Earth

The Hack for Earth Foundation will in 2021 and 2022 carry out the project Hack for Earth. The project consists of three elements: Dream for Earth, Hack for Earth and Pitch for Earth.

Winston Salem downtown
#Science and Health Tech #Entrepreneurship

Nordic AMPlify 2021

Accelerating U.S. market entrance and growth for the most promising Nordic digital health and medtech companies.

Construction site
#Sustainable Construction

Nordic Sustainable Construction

Through this project, Nordic Innovation seeks to develop a more green and sustainable construction industry.

A series of buildings in the city, seen from the air.
#Circular Business Models

Nordic Circular Arena

Enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing across Nordics - Your dashboard for the circular transition in the Nordic region.