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Call for proposals: Nordic Health Hackathons

Call for proposals Instrument Closed

The Nordic Innovation program called Health, Demography and Quality of Life is looking for a supplier that can plan and execute two hackathons in the Nordics. The program runs from 2018-2021 and has various activities in all the Nordic countries. The program’s objective is to contribute the following vision:

In 2030 the Nordics will be the most sustainable and integrated health region in the world, providing the best possible personalized health care for all its citizens.

About the Nordic Health Hackathons

The main purpose of the hackathons is to stimulate the creation of digital solutions that can help the Nordics achieve the vision above. As a part of the program Nordic Innovation will have two hackathons in January 2019. One hackathon in 3rd week of January and the other in 4th week of January. The hackathons must take place in two different parts of the Nordic region. The hackathons will be open to everyone with a special focus on Nordic participants and they will be in English. Nordic Innovation will cover the travel and accommodation costs for one team (max 4 pers. per team) from each of the Nordic Countries, apart from the host country, to participate in the hackathon.

The results of the hackathon must fulfill the following criteria:
• New innovative digital solution
• The solution should aim to improve health and quality of life in the Nordics

The winners of the hackathons will be chosen by a selection committee represented by Nordic Innovation and get a prize of 100.000 NOK. Nordic Innovation will assist the winners to promote their solution on an international scale.

The selection of the supplier

Nordic Innovation is looking for a supplier to plan and execute the hackathons. In cooperation, Nordic Innovation and the supplier will further develop the outline of the hackathons.

The value of the contract is 800.000 NOK including 200.000 NOK as prize money for the winners of the two hackathons (100.000 NOK for each winner). The supplier shall cover all costs related to the two hackathons including premises and catering. It is expected that the successful supplier will cooperate with public and private partners on running and/or funding of the hackathons.

The supplier must demonstrate following criteria:

• The ability to provide relevant health data to be used in the hackathons
• Proficient experience in running hackathons, preferably within the field of health
• The ability to attract Nordic participants
• Demonstrate the ability to find cooperation partners
• Demonstrate a budget
• Demonstrate how they plan to obtain additional funding
The incoming proposals will be evaluated on the above criteria.

Please send your proposal to Nordic Innovation at
Deadline 25. November 2018.


Portrait Rasmus Malmborg

Rasmus Malmborg

Senior Innovation Adviser
Rasmus has extensive international experience in complex project management, predominantly within health care system development. Prior to joining Nordic Innovation, Rasmus has been with LHL International for nine years and worked the last four years as CEO.

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