Portrait of Nordic Innovation's Managing Director Svein Berg.

Nordic Innovation Held Inspiring Kick-off to Realize the Eight Action Plans

What was the purpose of the kick-off?

“The Group of Higher Civil servants on Business (EK-N) has decided on a mandate on how to operationalize the eight action plans. It says, Nordic Innovation will in dialogue with reference groups develop the action plans into programs. That was the work we started 3 November. It was a two-hour digital zoom-meeting with a plenary session and subsequent breakout sessions with each reference group. Nordic Innovation will also later in the process be in dialogue with representatives from the business sector in this work”, explains Svein Berg, Managing Director of Nordic Innovation.

The role of the reference groups is to make sure that the programs are politically relevant, prioritizing which areas in each of the action plans that are most important for meeting the overall objectives in the action plans, and which areas are most important for realizing vision 2030. They will also make sure to avoid overlap or duplication of each other and defining valid and reliable effect and output indicators.

Gaining Nordic added value

“We can gain Nordic added value by working together on a Nordic level. The ministers have decided on the eight plans because it make sense to do it together on Nordic level. Because each country cannot achieve the same alone. This is what we think of as Nordic added value,” says Svein Berg, Managing Director of Nordic Innovation.

The goal of the meeting was to get a good start and an inspiring dialogue with the new reference groups, as well as find synergies between the different national perspectives and identify areas and find important elements from the countries' strategies regarding Nordic collaboration.

Dan Hill Director of Strategic Design at Vinnova was invited to talk about designing missions and mission-oriented innovation and strategic design. The speech of Dan Hill and the first part of the meeting was recorded and can be watched below:

Next steps and contact information

The next step to comprehend the eight action plans is in the coming months to collect information and work together with stakeholders to form programs.

In the beginning of March 2021, there will be a new meeting with the reference groups with a goal to start off the first line of projects.

If you have any questions about the further process to realize the eight action plans you are welcome to contact Senior Administration Adviser Trine Moa or Chief Operating Officer Niina Aagaard.


Portriat of Trine Moa

Trine Moa

Senior Administration Adviser
Trine has more than 14 years of experience working with strategic planning, developing and implementing methodology and tools for results management, evaluation and learning, with an innovative and solutions-oriented approach to her work.

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Portrait Niina Aagaard

Niina Aagaard

Chief Operating Officer
Niina has been working as COO at Nordic Innovation since the autumn of 2017. Before that she has a history within Finnish governmental trade and investment promotion, and from the private sector. She is a strategist who believes that practiced diversity is best for the business. She is empowered by people.

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Lena Henriksson

Lena Henriksson

Head of Communication
Visionary change maker who believes in a good strategy. Combined communication and marketing expert with working experience from the broadcasting businesses Swedish Radio and UR. Walked from Media to Business and became responsible for marketing, corporate communication and PR in startups and institutes. Interested in making a difference with great communication.

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