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Innovating Interaction Between Nordic Companies and Governments

New technologies like automation, big data and artificial intelligence offer exciting innovative digital opportunities for the interaction between the public and the private sector. Building on the previous Nordic Smart Government project, the Nordic Smart Government 2.0 project will continue to focus on structured financial business data and on how these data is delivered to various authorities and registers. The goal is to create a new digital infrastructure to achieve significant savings for companies, new business opportunities while at the same time streamlining and improving the public sector. Initially the project will focus on structured financial data, but the intention is to disseminate Smart Government to the entire public administration.

Based on the experience and learnings form Nordic Smart Government 1.0, the project owners have identified the following common focus areas and deliverables for Nordic Smart Government 2.0:

  • Business case development
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Architecture
  • Technical specification for the infrastructure
  • Test of data warehouse
  • National anchoring of the project among national central parties

The Nordic Smart Government 2.0 project is unique by virtue of its project owners, its focus, purpose and potential value creation for Nordic SMEs and the public sector. The project is payed close attention to by the directors of the respective authorities, and is backed by a Memorandum of Understanding. Nordic Innovation funded the first Nordic Smart Government 1.0 project during 2015-2016 as part of the Nordic Ministers of Business' cooperation programme for business and innovation policy. The results of Nordic Smart Government 1.0 have created a basis for future joint Nordic use of competencies, knowledge and solutions. Nordic Smart Government 1.0 is a good example of how Nordic cooperation have brought the project partners closer together to achieve a common understanding of the project's vision.

The Danish Business Authority is leading the project in cooperation with Nordic Innovation and the following project owners:

  • The Brønnøysund Register Centre (Norway)
  • The Internal Revenue (Iceland)
  • The Swedish Companies Registration Office
  • The Finnish Association of Accounting Firms
  • The Ministry of Transport and Communication (Finland)


The Danish Business Authority

Kjesti Lunde, Project Manager,