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Democracy festivals: Turning the spotlight on venture capital, health apps and the future of Nordic mobility

2023 is no exception. Nordic Innovation has already participated at 'Folkemødet' in Denmark and 'Almedalsveckan' in Sweden. Next week we continue to 'Arendalsuka' in Norway where we welcome people to participate in a total of seven events around mobility, venture capital, diversity and inclusion, and healthcare.  

Arendalsuka is taking place from 14-18 August and all Nordic Innovation activities will take place at Nordens Telt. 

Join us when we celebrate the Nordic Health App Award 2023

Healthcare has been a major topic on the Nordic Innovation agenda this spring. Three new projects have kicked off under the Life Science and Health Tech program which also reflects our participation at the democracy festivals. At 'Folkemødet' Nordic Innovation organized a panel discussion on sharing of health data across the Nordics through health apps and during 'Arendalsuka' the spotlight will be on health data and digital health solutions.

On Tuesday, 13.45 – 14.00, we will celebrate the best health app in the Nordics with the first edition of the Nordic Health App Award.

Nordic Innovation has been running a health app competition with the purpose to discover and recognize health apps from the Nordics. Five health apps have been selected as finalists. All finalists have received free assessment against the Nordic Digital Health and Evaluation Criteria (NordDEC) and they will be featured in a booklet highlighting their solutions. From the five finalists one will be selected as the final winner.

We look forward to celebrating the Nordic Health App Award with you! 

Read more about the Nordic Health App Award

Towards a Nordic ecosystem for venture capital

How can we ensure that more venture capital goes to innovation and the green transition? This is one of the questions raised by Nordic Innovation during panel discussions at 'Folkemødet' and 'Almedalsveckan'. Venture capital will also be on the agenda at 'Arendalsuka'.  

On Tuesday, 16.00-18.00, a panel of experts will look into the Nordic model for venture capital and ask the question: is this model sustainable? Nordic Innovation and VC Challenge have the common goal to create a Nordic ecosystem for venture capital.

We look forward to welcoming you to an interesting discussion on a Nordic ecosystem for venture capital.

The future of Nordic mobility

Mobility plays a key role if the Nordics are to reach the 2030 climate goals. How do we prioritize our resources best possible when it comes to mobility and transport? Should we do a bit of everything, or should we keep our focus on some specific areas? During 'Arendalsuka' we welcome you take take part in two events where we discuss mobility in the Nordic region.

On Wednesday, 18.30-19.30, we discuss the future of Nordic mobility and how Nordic collaboration on innovation can help us to move towards more sustainable mobility solutions.

You find the full program here (Norwegian language).

We look forward to meeting you in Arendal!


Lena Henriksson - Head of Communication

Lena Henriksson

Head of Communication
Visionary change maker who believes in a good strategy. Combined communication and marketing expert with working experience from the broadcasting businesses Swedish Radio and UR. Walked from Media to Business and became responsible for marketing, corporate communication and PR in startups and institutes. Interested in making a difference with great communication.

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Sarah Hitz - Communication Adviser

Sarah Hitz

Communication Adviser
Sarah has a broad experience within marketing and communication from both the private sector and public organizations with the European Parliament as her proudest reference. Her main focus at Nordic Innovation is social media, but she is open to all aspects of communication. She has a strong passion for international collaboration with business development, education and freedom of movement as her main areas of interest.

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