On-shore power supply container from project partners PowerCon.

Cold ironing opportunities in the Nordics

The On Shore Power Supply in the Nordic Region project was launched in 2020 as one of five projects co-funded through the Nordic Innovation Mobility Mission: Sea Meets Land.

Since then, the project consortium, consisting of industry actors and ports from the Nordic region, has analyzed the cold ironing infrastructure in the Nordic countries. Cold ironing is the process of powering ships with land-based electricity while at port and is also commonly referred to as on-shore power supply (OPS).

On-shore power supply is one of many important measures ports can take to reduce emissions from the shipping industry, and makes the project well-aligned with the goal of the Sea Meets Land mobility mission to help decarbonising Nordic ports, transport of people and goods – on and between sea and land.

Now, the project is finished and the final report can be read online by clicking the button below:

Read the project report

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