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6 New Consortia Selected from the Nordic Scalers Call for Project Outlines

Through the call for project outlines, Nordic Innovation want to establish the next generation of Nordic Scalers' projects to support Nordic scale-ups accelerate and manage their growth. The funding will be used to building Nordic partnerships and developing the concept and business model.

The selected projects can have a big influence on how scale-ups grow and how they create value, as well as a large potential for increasing diversity and inclusiveness in the Nordic scale-up ecosystem.

Anna-Maija Sunnanmark, Senior innovation Adviser at Nordic Innovation

The six chosen projects address joint societal challenges or relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals and will run for 2,5 months. After the end of the project period, it is possible to apply for stage 2, with the application deadline being 15 February 2021.

Read more about stage 2 here.

The selected project outlines

Toolbox for Scaling Up Nordic Sustainable Healthcare

Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare (Stiftelsen TEM vid Lunds universitet) – SE
Upgraded - FI

The aim of this project is to meet the growing international interest and demand for Nordic sustainable healthcare solutions, by creating a Nordic brand in this field. The project seeks to create a joint Nordic consortium with all of the Nordic countries represented, with the purpose to support Nordic scale-ups in their growth and expansion in the field of sustainable healthcare. This project will help provide Nordic scale-up companies with relevant networks, tools and structure for growth and internationalisation, to further strengthen the brand of Nordic sustainable healthcare.

Scale-up Academy – Overcome the Scaling Barriers and Maximize Growth

Aalto University Executive Education – FI
BI Norwegian Business School – NO
Nordea Startup & Growth - FI

The two major business schools in the Nordics will combine their knowledge and methods to help companies to scale. Aalto EE and BI have been running their respective growth programs for over five years which provides a good ground to start building a joint Nordic consortium. Feasibility funding will be spent for concept design, business model development and competitor and market analysis. The primary goal is to ensure that scale-ups over the Nordics will have the skills, knowledge, and clarity to supercharge their company’s growth.

Nordic ScaleUp Academy

Avanto Ventures – FI
ScaleUp Partners (ScaleUp Academy) – SE
Startup Foundation – FI
Maria01 – FI

The Nordic ScaleUp Academy will be built on the ScaleUp Partners’ ScaleUp Academy program which has been tested and proven in Sweden in the last three years. This program builds on collaboration and experience of several international executive educational programmes for growth entrepreneurs. The feasibility funding will be used to build the Nordic ScaleUp Academy program and to develop the business model together with the partners as well as search partners in the remaining Nordic countries.

Nordic Alliance Fintech Accelerator

NCE Finance Innovation – NO
The Factory – NO
HUB13 – FI
Findec - SE
Fjártækniklasinn – IS
Copenhagen FinTech Lab – DK

The goal is to investigate the possibility of joining forces to set up a joint Nordic Alliance Fintech Accelerator that offers scale and depth that the individual Fintech hubs cannot achieve on their own. The feasibility funding will be used to conduct market research through in-depth interviews with a selection of scale-ups, concept development of the program and map the opportunities for funding of the program. The goal is to support Fintech scaleups with ambitious Nordic and international goals.

Nordic Scalers: by scaleup entrepreneurs for scaleup entrepreneurs

Epicenter Stockholm – SE
Canute – DK
Icelandic Startups – IS
Tequity Cluster (tbc) – NO
Epicenter Oslo – NO
Epicenter Helsinki - FI

The objective is to build the world’s best scale-up ecosystem for learning, peer knowledge sharing, hands-on support and developing networks. This is achieved by delivering a program which brings a fragmented market together, stays true to the scale-up needs and focuses on helping scaleup founders and entrepreneurs to create more wealth and jobs in society as they grow their companies to become one of the biggest exporters in the region. The feasibility funding will be used to explore the potential business model, partners and build upon the already existing model.

Nordic Energy Scalers

Next Step Challenge – DK
CLIC Innovation – FI
Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) – SE
SolEnergiKlyngen – NO
Energy Cluster Denmark – DK

The Nordic countries are globally renowned for being world leaders when it comes to sustainable energy solutions and the Nordic Energy Scalers will build upon this position. We will create a business development program based on key insights in business scaling in the industry, supported by corporates, cluster organizations and knowledge institutions that will give the scale-up companies the best possible foundation for scaling their business on to international level.

The call for project outlines is part of the Nordic Scalers Initiative.


Nina Egeli - Senior Innovation Adviser

Nina Egeli

Senior Innovation Adviser
Internationalization, innovation and business development support, in combination with a strong background in strategy and policy development are main pillars in Nina’s professional life. Through project design and management, she aims to fit market needs with relevant services and opportunities that allows new business partnerships and business projects to prosper.

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