Branding Nordic Healthcare Solutions at Vitalis

08:30 - 09:30
Svenska Mässan, Sweden
Doctor looking at tablet.

How do we support potential Nordic partnerships, development of innovative Nordic solutions, and stimulate export opportunities through joint branding of the Nordic market and innovation?

The Nordic cooperation in the field of healthcare relies heavily on innovation, and the patient is in the center of the development of healthcare in the Nordic countries. This means that we share new ideas, new research, new technology, new solutions and we work together in an extensive Nordic cooperation in order to make the best outcomes as possible for the patients.

In this session at Vitalis, Healthcare DENMARK and partners will present the result from the project Branding Nordic Healthcare Strongholds, including a Nordic white paper on Smart Digital Health

The project focuses on the impact, opportunities, and challenges for a future extensive Nordic collaboration in the field of Smart Digital Health, which is one of four strongholds highlighted in a recent analysis of the Nordic strongholds and qualities of the Nordic health tech ecosystem. The objective of the project is to meet the global challenges of an increasing number of chronic patients, elderly people, and mental health illnesses.

The session is administrated by Healthcare DENMARK and requires a ticket to the Vitalis conference.


  • Shampa Bari, Regional Director, Swecare Foundation
  • Helen Houmøller Rasmussen, Deputy Head, TeleCare Nord
  • Tina Nordlander, Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway
  • Eero Toivainen, Senior Advisor, Business Finland
  • Introduction: Svein Berg, Managing Director of Nordic Innovation.
  • Facilitator: Gerda Marie Rist, PhD, Chief Consultant, Healthcare DENMARK


The Branding Nordic Healthcare Strongholds project is one of the activities funded by Nordic Innovation through the Nordic Welfare Solutions project, which is one of the flagship projects under the Nordic prime ministers' initiative Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges.

Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges is the five Nordic prime ministers' initiative to share knowledge and experience to help reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The initiative is coordinated by the Nordic Council of Ministers.