Doctors performing robot-assisted surgery at Danderyd University Hospital.

Nordic Welfare Solutions

Program 2017 - 2019 Active

People from all over the world look to the Nordic countries – how we address social challenges, how we care for the elderly and build our hospitals and care homes. The world needs new and holistic welfare solutions. This project will showcase and demonstrate some of them.

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Branding material

Strongholds and Qualities of the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem

This analysis forms a knowledge base for the Nordic Welfare Solutions project, and gives an overview of the core qualities and strongholds of the Nordic health tech ecosystem.

Download the analysis (PDF).

Nordic Health Tech – Core Qualities and Strongholds booklet

A booklet giving an insight into core qualities and strongholds in the Nordic health tech ecosystem. The booklet is based on the Strongholds and Qualities of the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem analysis.

Download the booklet (PDF).

A Nordic Story About Smart Digital Health

A storytelling document based on the Smart Digital Health stronghold identified in the Strongholds and Qualities of the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem analysis.

Download the story (PDF).

White paper: Smart Digital Health

A white paper presenting some of the smart digital health solutions developed and implemented in the Nordic countries.

Download the white paper (PDF).

Video: Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges

The patient is in the center of the development of healthcare in the Nordic countries. The patient is also at the center of his and her own healthcare. This implies sharing of information, transparency and the respect of the integrity of the individual. 

Learn more about how the Nordics put the patient first in healthcare in this video made by Healthcare Denmark for Nordic Innovation.

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The Nordic Export Task Force

To help develop, promote and execute the project, Nordic Innovation has put together a task force consiting of close collaboration partners from the Nordic health and welfare sector. 

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