Frontpage of the Nordic development project on mobile positioning data for tourism statistics - Feasibility study 2020.

Nordic development project on Mobile Positioning Data for Tourism Statistics

Feasibility study

The overall aim of the report is to create understanding about the legal framework for mobile positioning data as a basis for the development of tourism statistics. The report is a collaboration with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

The aim of this feasibility study is twofold; to investigate the prerequisites for a Nordic development project on mobile positioning data for tourism statistics, and to present a proposal for such a project. The project proposal is based on two levels where each level builds a fundament necessary for the other level. Information and learnings flow between the levels creating an iterative process and a learning eco-system.

The proposal is organised in the following two sub-projects:

Level 1

Establish a Nordic network for knowledge sharing and cooperation related to tourism statistics based on mobile positioning data. A network for Nordic cooperation on mobile positioning data for tourism statistics provides the foundation for setting up and running a use-case project solving the key questions. The network also enables a more efficient and structured platform for knowledge sharing and learning across the Nordics.

Level 2

Challenge and clarify the legal framework, and establish efficient and sustainable business models, by running a use-case. In this project the learnings and advancement with regards to the legal framework and business model are central. A use case is essential to reach these aims. As part of the project statistics will be produced but this is considered a bonus rather than an aim in itself. The feasibility study has identified mapping of intra-Nordic travels as most relevant. This would preferably be specified further, for example by focusing on long-haul tourists or/and Nordic inhabitants.