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Open call for interest for the Nordic Ethical AI Expert group


The Ethical AI Expert group is part of Nordic Innovation’s AI and Data program which represents a determined advance towards a stronger and more sustainable Nordic region by supporting the vision for the Nordic region to be the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030. The Nordic Ethical AI & Data Ecosystem Building project is run jointly by Nordic Innovation, Accenture and Silo AI.  

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The objective of the Ethical AI Expert group is to develop a common vision and roadmap for ethical AI in the Nordic region. This cross-disciplinary group will consist of members with a relevant background in technology, industry/business, academia and public sector. The members should be experts in the development or deployment of ethical AI, be based in the Nordics, have a passion for the Nordic cooperation, and a keen interest to develop the ethical AI ecosystem in the Nordics. 

Nordic Innovation seeks a diverse group of high-level individuals including: 

a) Corporate and SME leaders and entrepreneurs who have started and scaled innovative enterprises related to ethical AI and responsible use of data. 

b) Investors and venture capitalists with experience in AI investments. 

d) Researchers and academics with leading expertise in fields relating to AI, and in particular ethical AI. 

e) Individuals with a strong track record in developing the wider innovation ecosystem, in particular in knowledge/technology transfer, in building startup communities, and in managing innovation agencies/ incubators/ accelerators related to AI. 

f) Public sector experts with experience of developing ethical AI solutions. 


We are in an era where AI maturity and accessibility are accelerating. For example, generative AI solutions such as ChatGPT are currently sweeping their way through different industries. AI has the potential to create significant value for individuals, businesses, and society. At the same time, it has never before been more important to ensure ethical and responsible use of data and AI. Businesses and public sector organizations looking to adopt AI will need to take these increasing requirements into consideration. 

The Nordic Ethical AI & Data Ecosystem Building project will run from April 2023 to June 2024. In addition to the Expert group, the project includes the following goals:  

  • Raising awareness of the importance of ethical AI and responsible data among Nordic businesses and public authorities  
  • Outlining the increased importance of ethical AI and support Nordic companies in the adoption and deployment of ethical AI practices  
  • Creating an industry-focused Ethical AI Sandbox which will be open for all Nordic companies who are seeking support with building capabilities to develop and deploy ethical AI, and take part in matchmaking with other ecosystem actors 

Deliverables and tasks of the expert group 

The Expert group’s main objective is to develop a vision and roadmap for how the Nordic region will become a leading region in ethical AI, focusing especially on creating recommendations for companies in supporting implementation and deployment of ethical AI use cases. 

Some examples of questions for the expert group work are: 

  • How can the Nordic region unlock the potential for innovation and differentiate itself around ethical AI? 
  • What are the main risks and ethical concerns of AI and how should we approach them in the Nordics? 
  • What kind of collaboration, technology, data, and regulation is needed to enable the ethical AI vision? 

Ways of working 

The expert group work will be active between September 2023 and February 2024. There will be a kick-off session in September and two workshop sessions after that, each of 3 hours duration. The kick-off will be held 27 September, tentatively between 11:00-15:30. In addition, there will be some preparatory work before and between the sessions. The sessions will be held in one of the Nordic capitals, TBA. Physical attendance preferred, but virtual option will be available.

The total amount of work for each participant is estimated to be around 20 hours. The work will not be remunerated. 

More details about the sessions and practicalities will follow closer to the kick-off. 

Evaluation Criteria 

We are looking for experienced people with different backgrounds, experiences and knowledge about ethical and responsible AI. The ideal candidate should have a good understanding of the latest trends in ethical AI and the impact it has on business, society, and people. Furthermore, we encourage you to apply if:  

  • You have extensive experience from business, public sector, academia and/or AI solution providers 
  • You have a clear viewpoint about the possibilities and risks of ethical AI and what this means for the Nordic region
  • You have an extensive professional network and capability to influence on the societal / political level 
  • You have strong ties to the Nordic region and are passionate about the Nordic agenda 
  • You are willing to actively contribute with the expert group tasks between September 2023 and February 2024 

Additionally, we value candidates who can bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table and  have previous experience of working in expert groups. 

How to apply 

Please send in your application before 31 August, 2023 through below application form. 


Participants will be selected on the basis of how well they meet the defined evaluation criteria, and in a way that ensures a well-balanced group with respect to background, competencies, and geographic distribution. We will let the selected members know about the decision by mid-september, 2023, latest. 


Olivia Rekman - Innovation Adviser

Olivia Rekman

Innovation Adviser
Prior to joining Nordic Innovation in 2022, Olivia has worked for several years as an innovation consultant. In her role, she helped international consortiums of SMEs, start-ups and large companies as well as universities, to secure soft funding for green & deep-tech innovation projects. Olivia holds an MSc in International Business & Politics, and founded a CSR consultancy in 2010. Besides her experience in navigating innovation ecosystems and international business development & public policy analysis, Olivia has lived and worked in all Scandinavian countries.

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