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Digital Health & Care 4.o

Project 2018 - 2020 Closed

The Nordic countries have come far in implementing and using digital health and welfare solutions and are internationally recognised for their efforts to digitally transform healthcare.

Now, cluster organisations from all the five Nordic countries have joined forces to help Nordic companies with digital health and care solutions enter the German market.

A structured program for Nordic companies

”Germany has one of the most rapid growing populations in Europe and the country is in dire need of health and care personnel. This present big opportunities for Nordic companies developing health and care technology. Even if Germany is a mature market for technology, the country has only recently realised how digitalisation, automation, robots and other technologies can enhance quality and ease workloads in the health and care sector”, says Karen Lindegaard, Senior Consultant in Welfare Tech.

Welfare Tech in Denmark is one of the partners in the Nordic cooperation project called Digital Health & Care 4.o together with Business Region Göteborg in Sweden, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster in Norway; OuluHealth in Finland, and Innovation Centre Iceland in Iceland.

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This present big opportunities for Nordic companies developing health and care technology.

Karen Lindegaard, Senior Consultant, Welfare Tech

Together with the German cluster Gesundheitswirtshaft Hannover, they will take Nordic companies through a 13-month structured programme consisting of study trips, workshops, seminars and product feedback. The programme ends with the companies exhibiting at a Nordic pavilion in a leading German conference.

Read more about the project at the Welfare Tech website (in Danish).

Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges

The Digital Health & Care 4.0 project is co-funded by Nordic Innovation through the Nordic Welfare Solutions project to showcase and demonstre Nordic welfare solutions to the global market.

Nordic Welfare Solutions is one of six flagship projects under the Nordic prime ministers’ initiative, Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges. The prime minister’s initiative is coordinated by the Nordic Council of Ministers and promotes sustainability and progress toward the UN Sustainability Goals.


Companies interested in participating in the programme or wish more information can contact Karen Lindegaard, Senior Consultant at Welfare Tech (45 2461 1931/ karli [at] welfaretech [dot] dk)