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CE Business Models in the Nordic Manufacturing Industry - Ecosystem Perspective

2019 Active

Nordic Innovation wants to take the circular economy from strategy to business. With this project together with Sitra, we are looking to engage this important and traditional industry in the circular transformation in the Nordics.

Nordic Innovation wants to target the traditional manufacturing sector in the Nordics, giving them the tools to be part of the transition towards a circular economy.

The project enables the creation of unique Nordic value chains, competence building in ecosystems, and collaboration between Nordic companies. Nordic Innovation wants to drive the transition to circular economy through competence building in companies. We see the use of Sitra’s Playbook in this project as an effective way to scale a tool from one national level, in this case Finland, to the Nordic level.


A project, with the purpose of supporting the development of circularity in the Nordic manufacturing industry, driven by Nordic Innovation and Accenture. Four different manufacturing sectors have been identified, having a large footprint and a strong case for circular business models: Machinery & equipment, Transportation, Maritime, and Energy. The objective is to develop collaborative pilots across industry ecosystems to spur successful transition towards a circular economy, which is critical for innovation and continued economic growth.


Digitalization and new regulatory pressures that promote sustainable societies are emerging rapidly in today’s markets and makes the timing right to drive awareness and circular initiatives across the Nordics. The project has an important role to increase pace in the systemic change required to enable circularity, e.g. developing ecosystems, initiating collaborations, and new solutions with innovative business models.


Ecosystems will be realized, within the above four sectors, through three phases:

  • Attracting the right participants in each sector ecosystem that can contribute to successful pilots
  • Executing bootcamps for participants, including innovation and learning workshops with supportive tools and methodologies to be used on their own.
  • Initiation of pilots with support and coaching available for participants.

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Project Partners

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Jyri Arponen
Project partner

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Tomas Zimmermann
Project partner


Portrait Marthe Haugland

Marthe Haugland

Senior Innovation Adviser
Marthe combines her international experience with her knowledge of business development and innovation to promote Nordic cooperation within the circular economy. She belives Nordic cooperation can drive the systemic change and give Nordic companies a competitive edge going forward.


Portrait Elís Benediktsson

Elís Benediktsson

Senior Innovation Adviser
Elís combines his scientific educational background with his broad international experience in biotech, banking and economic diplomacy. His main strengths lie within business development & analysis, project management, as well as international trade & investment advisory.

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