Circular Business Models

Workshops: Broadening the horizon for new business opportunities

A platform for innovation and sustainable development

The two previous sessions of the program gathered representatives from across industries in the Nordics, aiming to give businesses the tools needed to succeed with circular business growth. In total, 112 Nordic companies participated in the program in 2019 and 2020.

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I think that this holistic approach to the circular economy and how to work with it at a quite practical, tool-based approach, it has been very useful. It has helped to shape our approach on how to deal with it.

– Jesper Jerlang, Standardization Manager, Danfoss Drives, participant in 2019 and 2020

In addition to increased knowledge about circular economy and business models, the workshops are a great platform for networking. By meeting and sharing experiences, the participants create a network that can improve and transform the Nordic market.

From theory to implementation

Essential for the workshops, is that the participants are encouraged to take their ideas and initiatives and implement them in their business after the sessions.

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It is motivating to see the participants make changes in their businesses after the workshops. This includes everything from improving design to increase circularity in products, and developing their service packages for life cycle services.

– Marthe Haugland, Senior Advisor, Nordic Innovation

Businesses are also guided in how they facilitate change on an administrative level. Global KPIs and a circular mindset at the managerial level are examples of efficient measures that participants are introduced to during the workshops.

Session from the workshop in 2020

Learning from industry experts

The workshops are facilitated by Nordic Innovation to promote circularity in Nordic businesses. The workshops are divided into different sessions with industry-specific focus and run by industry experts in their respective fields.

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We see increasing ambitions across the industry to drive transformation towards circular economy.  This program provides a great opportunity for manufacturing companies across the Nordic countries to come together and collaborate on circular business opportunities.

– Alexander Løberg, Products Industry Lead, Accenture Norway

Alexander Løberg leads the Accenture Strategy & Consulting Products practice in Norway, which consists of industry experts who help retail and consumer goods and industrial companies to better connect with customers, improve resilience, and drive sustainable growth. He is one of this years’ instructors that will help the participants thrive in the new circular economy.

This years’ workshops will take place in Oslo, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen, and are divided into four different industries: Machinery & Equipment, Maritime and Energy, Construction and Transport.

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The workshops are a great way to obtain specific skills as to how one can drive circularity in the industry and facilitate a unique networking platform. We are very much looking forward to this years’ sessions.

– Marthe Haugland, Senior Advisor, Nordic Innovation

As a part of Nordic Innovation’s work with sustainability and circularity, they have developed a Nordic Circular Economy Playbook. The playbook, and related toolkit, aim to help Nordic businesses reach their full potential in the new circular economy, and as a result, promote sustainability. The playbook and toolkit contain a set of specific measures that can be used to enable circular business advantage for you and your company. Nordic Innovation has collaborated closely with Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, and Accenture in developing both the workshop content and the Nordic Circular Economy Playbook.

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Testimonials from previous participants

“I think it was great to hear and discuss opportunities together with people outside the industry that I am in. Broadening the horizon can help identify opportunities.” 

“It’s been broadly supportive increasing insight and introducing models to pursue.” 

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Hege Louise Guttormsen - Higher Executive Officer

Hege Louise Guttormsen

Higher Executive Officer
Hege began working at Nordic Innovation in January 2022 after finishing her internship there. Her focus areas include circular business models; mobility and connectivity; as well as Nordic Innovation’s Nordic Task Force for Diversity. She holds a master’s degree in international relations and has previously interned at the Norwegian Consulate General in Mumbai and Lightup Norway.