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Report Launch: The Nordic AI and Data Ecosystem 2022

The launch will take place as a part of our AI and Data event during the political festival of Norway, Arendal Week.

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Cornerstone of the AI and Data program

The report has been written by EY  and it is looking into the current state of the Nordic AI and Data ecosystem and the most relevant national actors, initiatives and best practices across the Nordic countries. It is also identifying Nordic strongholds with potential for Nordic Added Value and giving recommendations for Nordic measures.

The report lays out five recommendations for the Nordic Region
The Nordics should pursue increased sharing and utilization of national datasets
The Nordics should build a competitive advantage on the responsible use of data and ethical AI
The Nordics should raise the AI and data competency level among organizational leaders
The Nordics should support businesses and academic institutions in finding relevant partners for solving AI and data challenges
The Nordic countries should share best practices, use-cases, and knowledge with each other related to ethical AI and the responsible use of data

“This serves as an important building block for us when it comes to operationalizing our vision for 2030 of becoming the world’s leading region in digitization, ethical AI and responsible use of data. We also hope that the report will serve Nordic businesses, public actors and decision-makers in the data value chain”, says Olivia Rekman, Advisor at Nordic Innovation.

The report lays the foundation for the upcoming activities within the Nordic AI and Data program which seeks to explore perspectives, needs and opportunities based on ethical AI and responsible use of data for Nordic companies. This includes the creation of a Nordic ecosystem and a joint Nordic branding and exchange of experience between companies.

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Arendal Week: How can the Nordics learn from each other?

The launch will take place as a part of the panel discussion: Nordisk AI og Data – En felles strategi. Hvad kan vi lære av hverandre? Taking place in Nordens Telt, 18 August from 08.30 – 09.45. A panel of experts will discuss how the Nordics can reach vision 2030, including discussions on Nordic AI and Data strongholds and how the Nordic countries can learn from each other’s best practices.

“What learnings can be drawn from the identified national best practices? Like Norway’s regulatory sandbox, Finland’s strong links between applied AI research in academia and private sector, Denmark’s strong focus on ethical AI and responsible use of data, Sweden’s strong talent base and private investment in AI, and Iceland’s special foreign direct investment favorable policies? This is among the questions we seek to get insight into during the panel discussion”, says Olivia Rekman.

Key representatives from the Nordic AI ecosystem

Nordic Innovation has invited representatives with expertise within digitalization, artificial intelligence and data to share their knowledge and take part in the panel discussion.  

“We have gathered five key representatives from SMEs, industrials and academia in the Nordic AI ecosystem to discuss best practices, strongholds and challenges related to the Nordics as being leading in ethical AI & responsible use of data", says Olivia Rekman and continues "we believe there is a great mix between different approaches to AI and Data which hopefully will contribute to a lively and purposeful discussion”.

The participants count Peter Sarlin, CEO at Silo.AL and professor at Alto University and behind the report: Nordic State of AI. Christine Hafskjold, Senior Policy Advisor and contributor to Norways national AI strategy. Trym Holter, Director of Norwegian Open AI Lab. Eirik Andreassen, Manager at Digital Norway.  

The discussion will be moderated by Mali Hole Skogen, Technology and Sustainability Director at ICT Norway.

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We look forward to welcome you in Nordens Telt.


Portrait Anna-Maija Sunnanmark

Anna-Maija Sunnanmark

Senior Innovation Adviser
Anna-Maija is a finance and business development professional with 20 years’ of experience in identifying innovations and scalable business models in various industries in international context with execution capability, a can-do-attitude, holistic perspective and passion to build on Nordic strongholds.

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Olivia Rekman - Innovation Adviser

Olivia Rekman

Innovation Adviser
Prior to joining Nordic Innovation in 2022, Olivia has worked for several years as an innovation consultant. In her role, she helped international consortiums of SMEs, start-ups and large companies as well as universities, to secure soft funding for green & deep-tech innovation projects. Olivia holds an MSc in International Business & Politics, and founded a CSR consultancy in 2010. Besides her experience in navigating innovation ecosystems and international business development & public policy analysis, Olivia has lived and worked in all Scandinavian countries.

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