Close-up photo of Bent-Håkon Lauritzen presenting Nordic Proof at Medica 2019

Nordic Proof: An Easy Way to Hospital Testing

Nordic Proof is a network of renowned health institutions and testing facilities in healthcare from the Nordic countries. The network provides an initial one-point entry for companies looking to test their ideas, products or solutions.

Nordic Proof was founded in 2017 and is now in its last year of Nordic Innovation co-funding. Despite challenges with Covid-19, where several partners experienced lockdowns and capacity restraints, Nordic Proof actually managed to execute all incoming inquiries last year.

We believe our network can contribute to bring down barriers for an integrated health care system both for patients, health care institutions and for the industry.

– Bent Håkon Lauritzen, Project Leader, Norway Health Tech

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Expecting growth in inquiries

Now, project leader Bent-Håkon Lauritzen from Norway Health Tech is now looking forward to a positive 2021.

“We expect a continued growth in number of incoming test inquiries. There is a continuous flow of new products and solutions in need of test services, from early prototype evaluation and pilot studies to larger clinical studies”, says Lauritzen.

In addition to providing the one-way-in concept, Nordic Proof will continue hosting information and matchmaking meetings, which they have done for a while to great success. This spring, the network will arrange events focusing on mental health challenges, and e-health and AI solutions.

“Such events function very well to facilitate easier access for companies to clinical and e-health experts who could provide test services of their products in the user setting it is designed for. The events have had a positive impact resulting in increased number of companies utilizing the services available at the various test facilities”, explains Lauritzen.

Nordic Proof opened an avenue to affordable testing in the Nordics.

– Marius Andresen, Director, K8

When Covid-19 hit, they replaced these physical events with virtual events and has since held several of them followed by more than hundred one-to-one meetings.

“We will continue with both virtual and physical activities in the Nordics and we will also build the brand internationally”, says Lauritzen.

Nordic Proof coordinator Siri Stabel Olsen in a one-on-one meeting with a company representative.
Photo: Eline Olsen Dalsegg/Norway Health Tech

Bringing down barriers

The ambition behind Nordic Proof is to make it easier for companies to get in contact with the right personnel and get more professional services for testing and co-development. Together the partners provide testing in all phases of development including structured documentation.

According to project leader Lauritzen, the Nordic cross-border collaboration has been valuable both for the companies that have used their services as well as to the partners themselves.

“The main advantage of using the Nordic Proof network is perhaps that companies get in dialogue for testing with several partners throughout the Nordics. We see that most of the companies choose to set up collaboration with two or more partners. This gives a in depth clinical feedback and a unique market insight to the Nordic health care systems”, explains Lauritzen.

Without access to real life testing facilities at the Nordic Proof partners, we would not have products in the market.

– Carl Christian Sole Semb, CEO, Independence Gear

He adds that Nordic Proof has made the testing service for each partner more visible, and that cases starting at one hospital partner in the network regularly ends up as a multi-center study in the Nordics. Lauritzen believes that their network can contribute to bring down barriers for an integrated health care system both for patients, health care institutions and for the industry.

Most of the Nordic Proof partners gathered in Oslo. Photo: Eline Olsen Dalsegg/Norway Health Tech


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Rasmus Malmborg

Senior Innovation Adviser
Rasmus has extensive international experience in complex project management, predominantly within health care system development. Prior to joining Nordic Innovation, Rasmus has been with LHL International for nine years and worked the last four years as CEO.

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