From waste to value - Nordic opportunities in the circular economy

Tram in Oslo driving by on a sunny day.

The Eyde cluster, together with its partners from the Nordic Symbiosis Network will arrange a Nordic workshop. Here they are gathering experienced practitioners from the circular economy to discuss existing obstacles against- and identify opportunities for - an international circular approach. The aim is to identify regulatory and financial barriers that need to be addressed at international, rather than national level. The goal is to provide recommendations to the Nordic countries on how the Nordic region can lead the way.

Furthermore the workshop aims to facilitate more Nordic collaboration amongst the participants directly.

The event is part of a pre-project supported by Nordic Innovation under the Nordic Sustainable Business Transformation program.


10:00Helene Fladmark, CEO Eydecluster + round table introduction
10:15Ketil Kjenseth.
Head of the nordic councils sustainability committee and head of norwegian parlaments comittee for environment and energy
10:35Marthe Haugland, Nordic Innovation
10:50Christophe Pinck, Int. Rel Eydecluster
11:20Nani Pajunen, Sitra
11:35Murat Mirata, Linköping University
11:50Per Möller, Danish Symbiosis Centre
12:05Gunnar Grini, Norsk Industri
12:20Roundtable discussion  
13:00Christine Lund Larsen, Regnskap Norge
13:05Thina Saltvedt, Nordea
13:10Knut Jonassen, Norsk standard
13:20Workshop: Economic and regulatory barriers
15:50Closing comments: EYDE & open floor


Portrait Marthe Haugland

Marthe Haugland

Senior Innovation Adviser
Marthe combines her international experience with her knowledge of business development and innovation to promote Nordic cooperation within the circular economy. She belives Nordic cooperation can drive the systemic change and give Nordic companies a competitive edge going forward.

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