Next Wave Deployment of Trucks

Next Nordic Green Transport Wave -Large Vehicles

Deployment of hydrogen trucks and infrastructure in the Nordic - Status, ambitions, and recommended actions to stimulate the demand
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The Nordic countries have set ambitious targets for CO2 reduction from transport. So has the Nordic truck operators, and the transition to zero and low emission solutions has begun. Hydrogen trucks are currently being developed by several OEMs, and at the same time several companies are ready to produce hydrogen and to operate hydrogen stations. Infrastructure and trucks should be deployed in a coordinated way, so that the stations are available before the trucks arrive. National and regional authorities should stimulate the development by providing the necessary incentives. This is especially important in the early phase when costs for trucks and infrastructure is relatively high. In this report we describe the status for hydrogen trucks and stations, as well as elaborates on the possible barriers that can hinder the use of hydrogen in heavy-duty transport. We discuss how Nordic regions and countries can become attractive for the early deployment of trucks, and the necessary incentives to speed up this deployment. The report describes national targets and ambitions for reduction of CO2 emissions in the Nordics, together with the relevance of hydrogen usages in other segments. Finally, we present our vision for the deployment of trucks in the Nordics by 2025 and 2030, together with the necessary cross-border infrastructure.


Nina Egeli - Senior Innovation Adviser

Nina Egeli

Senior Innovation Adviser
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