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Nordic Ambient Assisted Living

A white paper on welfare technologies for active and independent living at home.
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Nordic Welfare Solutions is one of six flagship projects under the Nordic prime ministers' joint initiative, Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges, coordinated by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Nordic Welfare Solutions is managed by Nordic Innovation and has the goal of increasing exports through Nordic cooperation, branding and storytelling. The aim is to create a critical mass, strengthen Nordic networks and improve market access for Nordic companies.

This white paper introduces a selection of Nordic solutions for Ambient Assisted Living. These are technologies and welfare services developed in the Nordic Region, which enable the elderly to lead an independent life in their own home for a longer duration.

It is one of three white papers derived from an analysis of the Strongholds of the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem, published by Nordic Innovation in 2018. This white paper is based on input from more than 70 interviewees working within health and care provision, research and technology development in the Nordic Region.

The white paper is made in collaboration with Nordic Welfare Center.