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A Nordic Story About Smart Digital Health

The story about the Nordic 'Smart Digital Health' stronghold identified in the Strongholds and Qualities of the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem analysis.
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On a global level, demographic challenges have a major impact on health and care services. Like many other countries, the Nordic countries have a growing proportion of elderly people and people with one or more chronic diseases. By 2040, one in four Nordic citizens will be 65 years or older. People live longer due to the development of advanced diagnostic techniques and treatments.

In order to keep a larger elderly population healthy and independent in the future, the Nordics are moving towards more efficient and holistic care, an approach that aims to empower and support seniors and chronically ill citizens to stay healthy in their own home.

By 2040, one in four Nordic citizens will be 65 years or older.

People from all over the world look to the Nordic countries to see how we address social and demographic challenges. Agility, transparency, and information sharing are key to transform the way care is delivered. Common challenges have made the need for Nordic solutions even stronger; solutions that also comply with a number of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Building on analyses of Nordic eHealth strategies and the Strongholds and Qualities of the Nordic Health Tech Ecosystem report, this document tells the story of the Nordic Smart Digital Health stronghold, because of the Nordic countries' awareness and ability to see and address the Nordic challenges and meet them with operational smart digital solutions.

This document has been developed as part of the Nordic Welfare Solutions project run by Nordic Innovation. Nordic Welfare Solutions is one of six flagship projects that makes up the five Nordic prime ministers’ initiative Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges, which is coordinated by the Nordic Council of Ministers.