Frontpage: Towards a new innovation policy for green from 2012

Towards a new innovation policy for green growth and welfare in the Nordic Region

Nordic Innovation hopes this work will feed into the national agenda an contribute to sustainable growth and welfare in the Nordic region.

Nordic Innovation’s vision is “The Nordic countries as a world-leading region for innovation and sustainable growth.” To achieve this we acknowledge that Nordic societies, including Nordic businesses, will have to transform so that we can fully utilize the potential that our natural resources and well developed welfare systems provide us. As a Nordic institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers, we hold the secretariat for the Nordic Lighthouse project “Nordic Innovation Forum”. The objective of the project is to find ways to stimulate innovation within green growth and welfare in the Nordic region as described in the program for Nordic Cooperation on Business and Innovation (2011- 2013). The Nordic Ministers of Trade and Industry have emphasized the importance of Nordic cooperation to meet the challenges the countries face due to climate changes and global competition. The Nordic Innovation Forum shall focus on innovation and how innovation can enhance the transformation to an economy based on green growth and simultaneously secure welfare for the Nordic citizens. It is through insistent innovation that the Nordic countries can be in the forefront, create new jobs and maintain competitive. The steering group of Nordic Innovation Forum wanted an overview over Nordic strengths as well as policy in the fields of green growth and welfare. Very few policy documents discuss how these two can be interlinked. The steering group therefore wanted to map how the different Nordic innovation policies addressed this as a foundation for the project’s work. The Danish think tank Monday Morning was given the task to map policy documents, national innovation actor’s strategies, academic papers and reports, as well as conduct interviews with stakeholders. They have also mapped international innovation trends and present a selection of best practices from throughout the Nordic countries. Based on all this they present a SWOT-analysis over Nordic strengths and weaknesses with regards to innovation in green growth and welfare. This is an enormous field to grasp, and the study is not intended to cover all issues that might be relevant in a scientific and detailed way, but rather meant to give a brief overview.