Animated illustration of people in a city.

Nordic Urban Mobility 2050 Futures Game

What do we want the cities of 2050 to look like in terms of mobility? What can be done to bring us closer to the future we want? Nordic Innovation is introducing the Nordic Urban Mobility 2050 Futures Game to engage stakeholders in a discussion on mobility in future Nordic cities.

The objective of the game is to encourage deliberation on future mobility scenarios for the Nordic countries and to initiate discussions on plausible mobility modalities, their impacts and desired features. The game generates future scenarios and serves as a platform to facilitate relevant discussions about strategies and policies related to businesses, municipalities, and the population.

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Game outcomes

  • Players create a potential future state of a world in the year 2050 which they elaborate through stories of everyday life.
  • The discussion continues by imagining emerging and possible mobility solutions and systems for this world.
  • The co-created scenario can be used to reflect on new projects and/or the future relevance of existing project ideas and how Nordic businesses and municipalities can work together.
Nordic Urban Mobility 2050 Futures Games players in Brussels. Photo: Dorde Tomic

Game-Based Approach

The Futures Game uses game logics to spark and facilitate a discussion on possible futures among different stakeholders (e.g. topic experts, business leaders, product developers, municipal leaders and members of the public).

Instead of providing ready-made future scenarios, the game-based approach immerses participants in future stories they can create and emotionally connect with, encouraging them to interact and engage in dialogue.

Co-creating different perspectives produces a constructive platform for discussions leading to a better understanding of future possibilities as well as potential conflicting views.

Printing Instructions

The game is available in digital format that is easy to print locally. You can either send the files to a printing company or print them yourself.

The game consists of 7 types of elements:
Instructions for playing x 1
Game board x 1
Round card x 1
Value cards x 12 (4 pieces in each color)
Evaluation card x 1
Mobility mode chips cards x 30
Play cards x 53 in total

Number of pages: 30 papers in A4 format and four papers in A3 format
Format: A4 and A3
Language: English
Print: Colour – CMYK
Material: White paper. The recommended paper weight is 140–250 g / m²*. The minimum paper weight for double-sided game pieces is 120 g / m².

Game Material

Download all the game files


The Nordic Urban Mobility 2050 Futures Game was developed as part of Nordic Innovation's Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity program that aims to help develop a more sustainable and connected transport system in the Nordic region while generating opportunities for Nordic businesses.