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Invitation to Tender: Supplier of legal services for Bridging Nordic Data

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High performance healthcare with a patient centered approach, ultimately relies on effective use of data. There are great opportunities that can be unleased within the health sector provided citizens give access to personal health data. This must be done in a secure and effective way. The goal with the Bridging Nordic Data initiative is to find solutions on how Nordic health and personalized data can better be combined and used in the Nordic health ecosystem.

The purpose of the tender is to provide a thorough analysis of the largest legal obstacles that needs to be addressed in order to secure the success of the initiative. The analysis should also focus on obstacles that might hinder innovation, new business models and competitiveness on Nordic businesses.

Budget: NOK 3.5 Mill.

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The tender and application deadline

Deadline: The application deadline is at 15:00 CET, 22 November 2019.

The tender must be submitted electronically to Nordic Innovation at: and labelled Tender – Bridging Nordic Data.

Following is a list of important dates.

Activity Date

Publishing of the tender 22 October 2019

Deadline for asking questions regarding the tender

4 November 2019
Answers published online no later than 15 November 2019

Deadline for application of tender

22 November 2019, 15.00 CET

Announcement of selected supplier

12 December 2019

Contract signing

3 January 2020

Deadline for validity of tender

90 days from submission deadline

Deadline of submission/completion of the assignment

11 May 2020

The selection of the supplier

Nordic Innovation will select the supplier who Nordic Innovation deems best suited to complete the assignment and offers the most economically advantageous tender based on the evaluation criteria listed below. The supplier can be a single entity, or a consortium represented by a lead partner. The successful supplier will be selected on the following Criteria A and Criteria B.

Criteria A.

In the application, the successful candidate must: i. Thoroughly demonstrate competence to conduct cross boarder legal research, preferably within the field of health and use of data. ii. Indicate credibility and demonstrate experience of providing legal overviews and recommendations in all the Nordic countries and at an international level. iii. Demonstrate how it will be assured that all the Nordic countries are sufficiently covered in the assignment.

Criteria B.

Furthermore, the successful candidate must demonstrate in the application a thorough overview of the envisaged assignment. As a minimum this shall include; i. who will be responsible for the work and the competence of the individuals involved, ii. the foreseen content of the report, iii. overview of the expected working hours and the total cost excluding VAT.

Budget: NOK 3.5 Mill.


Questions regarding this call may be submitted to: Þórður Reynisson or Rola Yazbeck and will be answered 15 November 2019 on


Question: What is meant with main legal obstacles and practices?

Answer: With reference to the program and the programs vision it is up to the supplier to define the main legal obstacles and practices.

Question: What are the most relevant reports/documents relating to describing the “Bridging Nordic Data” initiative under the Nordic Innovation program Health, Demography and Quality program?

Answer: It is up to the supplier to explore and identify the most relevant reports and documents

Question: Please specify the countries / regions to be covered by the report.

Answer: All five Nordic countries including Greenland, the Faroe Island and Åland.

Question: The vision of the program is related to "personalised health care". Please clarify whether the emphasis is on research, patient treatment or both.

Answer: The emphasis should be on innovation and how Nordic companies can access and utilize data from all the Nordic countries in order to facilitate the creation of new innovative solutions to increase the competitiveness of Nordic businesses.

Question: Our understanding is that the assignment is focused on secondary use of health data, meaning steering, supervision, research, statistics and development, rather than primary use - delivering health care to the individual from whom the data was collected. Is that understanding correct?

Answer: In respect to this tender, the focus shall be on secondary use of health data and the objective is to make it possible for Nordic companies to develop innovative solutions based on data from the Nordic countries.

Question: Does the buyer have available such country and sector specific overviews, or will it be a part of the project to identify any such overviews?

Answer: It is up to the supplier to explore and identify the most relevant reposts and documents.


Can be sent to no later than 15:00 CET, 22 November 2019.


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Rasmus Malmborg

Senior Innovation Adviser
Rasmus has extensive international experience in complex project management, predominantly within health care system development. Prior to joining Nordic Innovation, Rasmus has been with LHL International for nine years and worked the last four years as CEO.

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