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Sustainable Insights: Measure, Inform, Mobilise (MIM)

Project 2020 - 2023 Closed

There is clear demand for an efficient and optimized use and operation of city transport networks, but the required tools for this ambition remain elusive.

The Sustainable Insights: Measure, Inform, Mobilise (MIM) project will develop a unique solution that allows both a city and its citizens to become informed about current traffic situations, and provide incentives for making more sustainable transport choices. The solution will be piloted in Östersund, Sweden.

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Rewarding users and creating mobility data

One half of the solution will be to develop a mobile phone application to be used by citizens, providing a route planner that not only presents different travel options and their respective CO2 emissions, but also personalised information on commonly taken routes such as road conditions or congestions. A user of the app will be able to see the impact that their travel choices have on the environment, but also on their health, and can be rewarded for making green choices, for example by earning free bus tickets. The expertise for this will be provided by Kobla, a Norwegian company which has successfully implemented similar tools in different projects.

The second half of the solution will be to develop a mobility data pipeline for the mobile app to measure actual travel chains and carbon footprint. The data will also allow city planners and administrators to measure traffic information in the city, such as the popularity of bus routes or common zones of congestion. This is made possible by innovations provided by Moprim, who have demonstrated their patented method for transport mode detection in southern Finland, where they are based.

Data-driven insights

The MIM project’s toolbox will make it possible to provide data-driven insights and incentives to citizens and the city, but also improve their long-term strategies thanks to the availability of mobility information which covers all modes of transport.

In order to smoothly manage these services, large amounts of data will be aggregated and managed using cloud-based technology developed by Applied Autonomy. Effective data management also allows to provide some additional features, such as geofenced areas where users of the app can be encouraged to make certain transport choices by increasing the rewards available, or including detection of problems such as bad road conditions as soon as they occur, allowing city authorities to quickly respond to citizen’s needs. Applied Autonomy will also lead the project.

The developed solution will be an engine for change that will guide and help both cities and citizens to choose greener transport methods and inform about the impact these choices have, both for each individual and society as a whole.

Project background

The Sustainable Insights: Measure, Inform, Mobilise is co-funded through the second Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity call for proposals under the Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity program.

The aim of the program is to help develop a more sustainable and connected transport system in the Nordic region while generating opportunities for Nordic businesses. The program is one of the efforts with which Nordic Innovation seeks to fulfil the Nordic prime ministers’ vision of Nordic region as the most sustainable and integrated region in the world by 2030.

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Project partners

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Applied Autonomy AS

Project Owner

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Kobla AS

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Moprim OY

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City of Östersund

Contact person

Rebecca Ronke, Applied Autonomy


Nina Egeli - Senior Innovation Adviser

Nina Egeli

Senior Innovation Adviser
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