Photo of the team of the Nordic Network of Test Beds posing in a operation theater.

Nordic Network of Test Beds

The test beds in the Nordic region have evolved through different needs and environments, which has led to several test bed operational models. Now the time has come to consolidate these solutions, come up with best practices and create sustainable test beds to promote business development and capitalise on the market opportunities in a growing healthcare industry.

This project aims to create a network of professional and efficient test beds that can actively contribute to business development in the Nordic healthcare sector. The objective of the project is to:

  • Harmonise clinical and administrative standards and operations across the network
  • Develop and implement an infrastructure that facilitates seamless coordination and collaboration between test beds
  • Match companies to the test bed that best fit the specification of their project
  • Develop and implement client-oriented, highly efficient and professional services for testing
  • Increase the level of needs and employee-driven innovation by matching the unique insight of test beds into the needs in the healthcare sector
  • Establish an infrastructure that accommodates future expansion including new test facilities
  • Integrate test beds services into hospitals’ procurement process
  • Prepare test beds to domestic and international projects


  • Increase the number of private sector companies utilising test beds to develop, test and verify their products or solutions
  • Increase the number of products or solutions tested or verified as part of hospitals procurement processes
  • More international companies testing products and solutions at test beds in the Nordic network
  • Lay the foundation for a streamlined multi-centre project
  • A reduction in the processing time and cost of each client utilising the services of test beds in the network
  • A reduction in the time between initial testing and verification of a product or solution until it reaches the market

Developing a Nordic ecosystem for health innovation

The project is one of the seven projects funded under the Innovative Nordic Health and Welfare Solutions call that was launched in 2014. The aim of the call was to unite and strengthen efforts across the Nordics to develop a Nordic ecosystem for health innovation and create opportunities for Nordic businesses through a closer connection between developers, demanders and test environments.

The call is part of the lighthouse project Innovative Nordic Welfare Solutions initiated by the five Nordic ministries of business through the Nordic Co-operation Programme for Business and Innovation Policy 2014-2017. The project shall contribute to making the Nordics a leading region in developing and exporting innovative health and welfare solutions.

Project partners:

partner image
Norway Health Tech (lead)


partner image
Oslo University Hospital – Intervention Centre


partner image
Sunnaas sykehus HF


partner image
Nordic Medtest


partner image
Karolinska University Hospital


partner image
SLL Innovation


partner image
Helsinki University Hospital


partner image
Region Hovedstaden


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Innovation Center Iceland