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Nordic Blockchain Alliance

Project 2022 - 2023 Closed

The blockchain technology offers the possibility of exchanging product and company data in a way that could be both cost-effective and safe for Nordic SMEs. A wide range of information can be carried in a blockchain, including data that documents product history, supply chain, environmental impact, compliance, contract details and user instructions. Blockchain-based solution can also facilitate circular business models and carry a future European Product Passport.

The project aims to explore the potential of a common Nordic blockchain by drawing on different experiences and knowledge sources from Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Project goals

The project will include a diverse range of lifestyle, creative companies and start-ups and will have the following project goals:

  • Create and connect a strong knowledge pool across the Nordics regarding the potential of blockchain technology
  • Analyze experiences and case stories and align this with the EU strategi for eco-design and the product passport. Allow for SME’s to access this information and knowledge to support their transition to a more traceable and transparent business.

Target groups

  • Lifestyle companies that want to act proactively to meet upcoming challenges and possibilities from regulatory or customer demands on transparency and documentation
  • Companies that want to explore possible advantages of using blockchain technology to develop and deepen collaboration in a shared value chain
  • Solution providers, start-ups and scholars working with specific applications


  • Collecting known use cases and research to create and connect a strong knowledge pool on Blockchain
  • Conducting 4 x Roundtables with SMEs from all four countries exploring and discussing the potentials and barriers for a Nordic design blockchain
  • Completing a first blockchain toolbox for SMEs, supporting them with knowhow on how to get a successful start utilizing blockchain technology
  • Attracting and inspiring more tech startups to give them insights to the Lifestyle industry and blockchain and to connect them to potential collaboration partners and customers
  • Completing a catalogue of ideas and recommendations and for the potential for at Nordic design blockchain. As one step in making the catalogue a small pilot exhibition shall be presented in relevant events, for instance the Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Nordic Circular Summit or the Nordic Sustainability Expo.

Project partner

Lifestyle & Design Cluster