A row of 10 wind turbines standing in the sea

Nordic BioBuz

Project 2024 - 2026 Active

The main objective of the Nordic BioBuz project is to develop a method for biodiversity credits and a framework for an integrated, multi-use business model for offshore wind establishments.

The potential of offshore wind

The project recognizes the potential of offshore wind to serve as a platform for enhancing marine ecosystems and addressing environmental challenges such as eutrophication. By testing materials and methods for their potential as biodiversity-enhancing, including artificial reefs and nature-based solutions, the consortium seeks to create additional value for offshore wind developers and operators.

Wind as win-win scenario

As offshore wind energy production grows in the Baltic Sea, there is a pressing need to address the conflicts of interest with other maritime activities while promoting sustainable practices. By integrating nature-based solutions into offshore wind infrastructure, the project wants to create a win-win scenario that benefits both the environment and the economy, paving the way for a more sustainable blue economy in the Nordic region. 

Central to the approach is the development of a biodiversity crediting system tailored to the Baltic Sea region, which will enable the monetization of ecosystem services and provide incentives for sustainable practices.

Building on existing consepts

The project will validate the biodiversity credits by on site testing outside of the Island of Åland, and then incorporate them into a newly developed integrated business model for multi-use concepts. The project wants to support similar establishments and business models in the Nordic Region as a whole, building on already existing concepts in the EU and UN. Through cross-Nordic cooperation and transdisciplinary working methods, the project aims to create a model for sustainable development of multi-use offshore platforms that aligns with the Nordic Council of Ministers' vision for 2030.

Project participants

The Nordic BioBuz project consists of Nordic Innovation, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), renewable energy company OX2 and the two startups Under Ytan and Nemo Seafarms.


Emil Gejrot - Innovation Adviser

Emil Gejrot (paternity leave)

Innovation Adviser
Emil has extensive experience of innovation projects and policy analysis in the Nordic region and beyond. Before joining Nordic Innovation, he worked for a research consultancy where he focused on digital transformation, inclusion, and sustainability. He holds an MA in Transcultural Studies and has lived and worked in Sweden, Norway, the UK, and Germany.