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Invitation to Tender: Sustainable Ocean Economy Ecosystem and Strongholds Mapping

Tender Instrument Closed

Nordic Innovation is seeking a supplier for a Mapping of the ecosystem and Nordic strongholds within Sustainable Ocean Economy. 

The objective is to identify synergies with potential for a Nordic added value, areas where the Nordics can take the lead, and opportunities for collaboration with leading global initiatives within the field of sustainable ocean economy. This initiative will outline the fundament for the overall ambition: 

The Nordics shall be frontrunners in the development of a sustainable ocean economy. 

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Pre-identified areas of interest for the Mapping of the Ecosystem and Nordic strongholds are: 

  • Emerging sectors
  • Aquaculture
  • Ocean technology

Due consideration shall be given to national strategies and potential synergies with other Nordic, European and/or other international initiatives. 

Tender and application info

Budget: Up to NOK 700.000 (incl. VAT)
Deadline for applications: 21 May 2021 at 13.00 CET

The assignment shall be completed, and a final report submitted to Nordic Innovation no later than 15 September 2021

The tender shall be delivered by e-mail to info@nordicionnovation.org, and labelled “Mapping of the Ecosystem and Nordic Strongholds within Sustainable Ocean Economy”.

Please note that dates can be subject to change. 

Download tender document (PDF)

Questions and answers

Nordic Stronghold

In this request for tender, a Nordic Stronghold is defined as follows:

A Nordic stronghold is defined as an area where the Nordic countries complement each other and together possess the necessary prerequisites for the Nordics to be frontrunners in the development of a Sustainable Ocean Economy.

It is up to the supplier to define which necessary prerequisites should be in focus.

Pre-identified areas of interest for the Mapping of the Ecosystem and Nordic strongholds

Based on initial input from key players across the Nordic region, the pre-identified areas of interest for this tender have been identified by Nordic Innovation as potential areas of relevance for Nordic collaboration.

Emerging Sectors, Aquaculture and Ocean Technology are a mix of cross-sectoral areas and verticals – and they should form the basis for the analysis without necessarily excluding other areas of interest on a Nordic level.

“Established” vs. “Emerging” sectors

The interest in emerging sectors is sprung out of the European Commission's 2020 Blue Economy Report: Blue sectors contribute to the recovery and pave way for EU Green Deal

Emerging Sectors = new sectors showing high potential for future development (although small in size, they are innovative and show great growth and employment potential – often based on new technology).

Established Sectors = sectors with long-term proven contribution to the economy (e.g. traditional industries).


As friends of inclusion rather than exclusion, we gladly welcome all forms of marine aquaculture i.e. coast, river and land-based alternatives.

Ocean Technology

With ocean technology, Nordic Innovation primarily refers to technology (products or services) that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data that creates new value for stakeholders within ocean economy.

Ocean technology may include, but is not limited to:

Robotics, sensors, sonar technology, navigation & tracking systems, ocean energies such as wind, solar and wave, marine biotechnology (to name but a few).

Ocean technology is not necessarily limited to a certain sector of the ocean economy but could also have overlapping benefits across ocean industries.