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Applied Ethical AI on Nordic Patient Records

Project 2023 - 2026 Active

The goal of the project is to develop and demonstrate an ethical algorithm capable of reading both digital and analogue patient journals, across medical health record systems and across Nordic borders and Nordic languages.

The project will develop and demonstrate an ethical AI-based solution for reading Danish and Norwegian patient records stored in various medical health record systems. To achieve this, the project will utilize cutting-edge deep learning methods and ethical AI algorithms, specifically transformer-based neural network architectures, capable of interpreting unstructured health data such as clinical notes and reports, from different medical record systems.

The collaboration of multiple teams will address a single use case, utilizing their respective datasets with variations in features. The primary goal is to handle the data ethically, responsibly, and securely within the legal framework, while providing evidence for a new approach in training AI models using data from different Nordic repositories.

The project seeks to overcome privacy and security concerns, enabling the utilization of federated learning solutions in commercial projects and facilitating future Nordic collaborations without the need to share sensitive data across borders. Ultimately, the project aims to enhance healthcare practices and promote the ethical and trustworthy application of AI technologies in the medical domain.

The impact of this project extends beyond the development of an AI solution. The project's primary goal is to provide evidence for a new approach in training AI models using data from different repositories across Nordic countries. By employing federated learning techniques and establishing a validated trustworthy process based on 2021.ai’s ethical AI governance GRACE platform, the project aims to demonstrate that privacy and security concerns can be effectively addressed, enabling commercial projects to leverage federated learning solutions.

Moreover, the collaborative approach will support future Nordic innovations, wherein multiple parties can collaborate and jointly develop solutions without the need to share sensitive data across inter-organizational or national borders.

The goal is to enhance healthcare practices and establish a foundation for the responsible use of AI technologies in the medical domain.

Together with the project: Innovation Potential on Nordic Patient Records, the project aims at propelling the Nordic region as leading in ethical AI and responsible use of health data, by demonstrating the potential for value creation for Nordic businesses and society.

Project partners

The project will be run by a consortium of partners:


This project is funded under the two programs: Life Science and Health Tech and AI and Data and supported by the Nordic Ministerial Council for Digitalization, which encompasses cooperation between the Nordic countries and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Rasmus Malmborg - Senior Innovation Adviser

Rasmus Malmborg

Senior Innovation Adviser
Rasmus has extensive international experience in complex project management, predominantly within health care system development. Prior to joining Nordic Innovation, Rasmus has been with LHL International for nine years and worked the last four years as CEO.

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Olivia Rekman - Innovation Adviser

Olivia Rekman

Innovation Adviser
Prior to joining Nordic Innovation in 2022, Olivia has worked for several years as an innovation consultant. In her role, she helped international consortiums of SMEs, start-ups and large companies as well as universities, to secure soft funding for green & deep-tech innovation projects. Olivia holds an MSc in International Business & Politics, and founded a CSR consultancy in 2010. Besides her experience in navigating innovation ecosystems and international business development & public policy analysis, Olivia has lived and worked in all Scandinavian countries.

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