The Nordic Made team is gathered at Times Square in New York


Today the nordicmade hashtag is known all over the Nordics, but in 2014 there was nowhere to collectively tell the Nordic success stories. It all began when Nordic Innovation invited some of the most active Nordic startup journalists to sit down together, to discuss how the Nordics could work together to showcase results and ideas from the Nordic region. 

Our philosophy is to engage in initiatives where the community is directly involved and creates the value  the #NordicMade hashtag is exactly such an initiative. We have helped facilitate the process that led to the hashtag, but the value solely comes from the community filling the hashtag with stories, meaning, and value, said former Nordic Innovation Communication Adviser, Frederik Waitz at the time. 

The #NordicMade initiative was a part of the program Nordic Partnership for Entrepreneurship and Financing which ran from 2014–2017. The founding organizations are: 

  • Angel Challenge 
  • Arctic Startup 
  • Aaltoes 
  • #cphftw 
  • Founders House 
  • Mesh Norway 
  • Icelandic Startups 
  • Startuplifers 
  • Maria01 
  • NordicAi 
  • The Nordic Web 
  • Øresund Startups 
  • Startup Sauna 
  • Slush 
  • Nordic Startup Bits 
  • SUP46 
  • TechBBQ 

You can read more about #NordicMade, the Nordic partners involved and how you can be a part of it, on their website