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Nordic Proof – an alliance for Nordic healthcare test facilities

Testing is crucial for developing new and innovative healthcare solutions and access to testing facilities is key for both the businesses developing them and the people buying them. However, access to the right testing facilities can be hard to find. 

This has now changed with Nordic Proof, which is a Nordic alliance of professional and efficient public healthcare test sites that actively contributes to business development in the Nordic healthcare sector. 

Nordic Proof was launched in the fall of 2017 with funding from Nordic Innovation as a spin-off to the previous Nordic Network of Test Beds project under our Innovative Nordic Welfare Solutions lighthouse project. The network is operated by Norway Health Tech and offers companies one initial entry point for contact with the test facility partners.

Accelerating and scaling Nordic companies 

“Norway Health Tech have worked with test facility in Norway for several years, but we saw the need for a Nordic arena for companies to test their products to the standards and requirements set by national health authorities”, says Kathrine Myhre, CEO at Norway Health Tech. 

“The Nordic region have global recognition for their well-developed health systems and commitment to build evidence. Our ambition with Nordic Proof is to offer Nordic companies test facilities, which can contribute to acceleration and scaling. We also believe that Nordic Proof can make the Nordic region an attractive region for the international health industry”, explains Myhre. 

During 2018, Nordic Proof signed contracts with eight companies for testing in at least one of the test facilities in the network. Additionally, many companies make direct contact with the facilities. Nordic Proof have received good feedback for making it easier for the companies to get in touch with the right professional department in the hospitals, and several companies have taken advantage of the opportunity to test in several hospitals. 

Testing gives competitive advantage 

“The companies that test at several hospitals also experience useful insights, and benefits to succeed in the various Nordic countries. We also believe that companies that tests and develop their solutions in close cooperation with users get a product that is better suited to the market and will have a greater chance of success”, says Myhre. 

Nordic Innovation believes Nordic Proof is a unique opportunity for Nordic entrepreneurs and that it will be an attractive service for Nordic companies targeting the health sector, but also in the long term be able to attract foreign companies that see the potential for developing and testing new solutions in the Nordic region.  

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Nordic Proof 

A network of the following Nordic healthcare institutions and testing hubs: 

  • Sunnaas sykehus (NO) 
  • The Intervention Centre at Oslo University Hospital (NO) 
  • Oulu Health Labs (FI) 
  • Helsinki University Hospital (FI) 
  • Danderyd Hospital (SE) 
  • Nordic Medtest (SE) 
  • VihTek (DK) 

The network is operated by Norway Health Tech.