Automated pin-bone removal in a whitefish

APRICOT - Automated Pin-bone Removal in Cod and Whitefish

The FleXicut machine uses X-ray technology to locate pin-bones with extremely high accuracy, down to 0.2 mm. Thereby determining the orientation of the bones to cut out less flesh and leave more on the loin. The technology used is water-jets, which basically means cutting the fish with water, a very flexible way to follow the curved lines of the fish bone causing a bigger yield from the fish loin. The FleXicut is now sold through Marel. See the process in the video. 

The Nordic Marine Innovation Program ran from 2011 -2014 with 14 funded projects. One of those projects was APRICOT, a collaboration between Marel, Faroe Origin, Norway Seafoods and Sintef.

Read the project report.