Report launch: Recycling of Critical Raw Materials in the Nordics (online)

13:00 - 14:30
forside til rapport om critical raw materials in the nordics

Join us when we launch the report: Recycling of Critical Raw Materials in the Nordics.

When:29. February, 13.00-14.30 (CET)

What are the status and opportunities of recycling critical raw materials in the Nordics?

The role of critical raw materials for the future sustainable development and strategic independence of the Nordic region is undeniable. This report provides a comprehensive Nordic overview of measures needed for secondary value chains for CRMs based on recycling from discarded products and sorted waste streams as opposed to virgin sources.

At the event, we will hear from policy-makers about the strategic importance of CRMs for the Nordic region, as well as explore the intertwined roles and possibilities of the waste and recycling sectors, innovation, and logistics.

CRMs have been a hot topic internationally for a while — come and learn more about the Nordic status!

The report is developed in collaboration with the Working Group for the Circular Economy (NCE) of the Nordic Council of Ministers and further supported by Nordforsk and Nordic Energy Research.