Nordic Battery Thursday

09:00 - 10:00
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Future Trends for the 2nd Life Battery Applications

Join us for the first Nordic Battery Thursday webinar in year 2024! 

This webinar will explore future opportunities and trends in battery reuse and repurposing in the Nordics. We will encompass reuse from perspectives from both research and companies, with a panel discussion highlighting opportunities and challenges identified by value chain actors.


  • 2nd life batteries – Challenges and opportunities from a researcher perspective
  • Fride Vullum-Bruer, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF
  • Current applications and future trends for the 2nd life battery systems
  • Marita Hjertvik, Sales and customer support, ECO STOR
  • Panel discussion – Drivers, barriers, and future trends of battery reuse & repurposing

Claude Chanson, General Manager, RECHARGE Batteries, Jonna Hynynen, Research Scientist, RISE, Lars Barstad, Senior Key Expert BESS, Siemens Energy, Mikko Valtee, Electrification Technologies and Machinery Systems Manager, Sandvik, Tuomas Messo, Chief Technology Officer, CeLLife Technologies.

Panel host: Heini Wallander, Business Tampere

The webinar will be organized in co-operation between SINTEF, Ekokumppanit and Business Tampere as part of the TREASoURcE and SafeBESS projects, the European Battery Alliance and Nordic Battery Thursday platform hosted by Business Finland, Business Sweden and Innovation Norway with support from Nordic Innovation.