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Inflation Reduction Act one year later – what has happened in Europe?

Join us for the next Nordic Battery Thursday webinar where our expert guests discuss the current status and impacts of the US Inflation Reduction Act on the battery sector in Europe!

In Europe the Inflation Reduction Act has been widely discussed, seen both as a major opportunity for business and as a threat to competitiveness. In addition to having a positive effect on the climate, US subsidies will provide new business opportunities for European companies. In sectors like wind energy, where Europe is a technology leader, higher investment demand is a positive development. On the contrary, just when we need to reinforce the emerging supply chain for green tech, some of the Inflation Reduction Act's provisions could disrupt it.

The key challenge for the EU is to ensure the resilience of industrial value chains for key clean technologies.

After a year with the Inflation Reduction Act discussion: what has happened in Europe? How has the industry responded? What are the business opportunities in both the US and Europe? What is the status for the immense competition on global markets for the battery ecosystem?


  • Introduction & What has happened in Europe? Ilka von Dalwigk, European Battery Alliance – InnoEnergy
  • Panel discussion with European companies
  • Moderator: Thore Sekkenes, European Battery Alliance – InnoEnergy
  • Next steps for the Nordic Battery Collaboration: Jessica Olsson & Robin Pettersson, Business Sweden