Nordic Cluster Meet Up 2019

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The Nordic countries are one of the world's most innovative regions with booming businesses and home to thriving clusters. Nordic Innovation invites Nordic clusters to explore how to boost innovation even further through joint collaboration and impact creation – across sectors, challenges and value chains.

Nordic Cluster Meet Up 2019 is a day filled with what clusters do best: Finding innovative solutions, matchmake efficiently with other clusters to discuss specific collaboration opportunities and concrete funding options.

At Nordic Cluster Meet Up 2019 you can:

  • Foster new cross-cutting and innovative project ideas and collaborations
  • Power-matchmake with Nordic clusters, exploring the deeper potential for collaboration
  • Get insights on Superclusters in the Nordics by leading cluster expert Christian Rangen, author of “Building Innovation Super Clusters”
  • Dive into Nordic Innovation’s funding opportunities, tools and strategic priorities


The Nordic Cluster Meet Up 2019 is for clusters and innovation ecosystems from Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland).


The Nordic Cluster Meet Up is organised by Nordic Innovation in collaboration with Cluster Excellence Denmark and Region Skåne, and in close coordination with Enterprise Europe Network and the key Nordic agencies: Vinnova, Innovation Norway, Innovation Centre Iceland, Business Finland and the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants.


09:30”Welcome to the Nordic Cluster Meet Up”

Nordic Innovation aims to make the Nordics a pioneering region for sustainable growth and works to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in Nordic business. The ambition of the Meet Up is to explore how clusters can contribute.
09:45“The Nordic Potentials” by Merete D. Nielsen, Director, Cluster Excellence Denmark & President TCI Network

The Nordics is one of the world's most innovative regions with booming businesses and home to thriving clusters. This presentation will highlight the potentials.
10:00“Nordic Innovation’s priorities and programs” by Nina Egeli, Marthe Haugland & Rasmus Malmborg

Senior Advisors from Nordic Innovation will present ambitions and opportunities within the three strategic programs: Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity, Nordic Sustainable Business transformation andHealth, Demography and Quality of Life
10:30“Nordic Cluster Matchmaking”

Structured networking with clusters from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland through a matchmaking-tool offered prior to the event. Connect to people from different clusters and design your own pre-arranged face-to-face meeting schedule. You can book up to five meetings.
12:00 “Lunch & Networking”
12:45“Towards Nordic Innovation Super Clusters” by Christian Rangen, Partner / Co-Founder

The author of ‘Building Innovation Super Clusters’ will show how a movement towards strong Nordic Super Clusters can accelerate innovation across research, corporates, startup and beyond.
13:30“The Connected Ship – a Nordic Cluster Success story” by Sofie Westerdahl, Mobile Heights

The Connected Ship combines three Nordic strongholds – sustainability, digitalization and maritime – into new business opportunities. Powered by Nordic clusters.
14:00“Ideation and co-creation for new Nordic innovations”

Interactive cluster co-creation session. Get ready for Nordic Innovation’s programs by creating and developing attractive solutions on mobility, sustainability and health together with other Nordic clusters.
15:30 Summing up and see you next year

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Kaspar Nielsen, Cluster Excellence Denmark

Nina Egeli, Nordic Innovation


Portrait Nina Egeli

Nina Egeli

Senior Innovation Adviser
Internationalization, innovation and business development support, in combination with a strong background in strategy and policy development are main pillars in Nina’s professional life. Through project design and management, she aims to fit market needs with relevant services and opportunities that allows new business partnerships and business projects to prosper.

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