Forside Nordic Smart Connectivity. Blå farver og circler i rød og gul

Nordic Smart Connectivity: Current state

This report presents an overview of the current state within Smart Connectivity in the Nordics.

The aim of the Smart Connectivity project is to facilitate innovation and change within the transport sector through the establishment of a Nordic data space for data sharing across the sector.

The objective is to make it easier for Nordic companies to share data to optimize operations and contribute to a more climate-efficient and profitable transport sector.

In an era marked by rapid urbanization and an ever-expanding global population, the dynamics of personal mobility, road and traffic management, and logistics have evolved at an unprecedented pace. This report present snapshots of the current state of these interconnected domains, uncovering not only innovative digital solutions, but also multifaceted challenges that define the introduction of digital technology and data driven business models in the transport sector.

Lastly, the insights contained in this report provide the baseline for the process of defining prioritized areas for innovation in both mobility and logistics. This process will be documented in a new report to be published shortly after this one.


Nina Egeli - Senior Innovation Adviser

Nina Egeli

Senior Innovation Adviser
Internationalization, innovation and business development support, in combination with a strong background in strategy and policy development are main pillars in Nina’s professional life. Through project design and management, she aims to fit market needs with relevant services and opportunities that allows new business partnerships and business projects to prosper.

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