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North Atlantic Ocean Cluster Alliance Building Bridges in the North Atlantic

Building strong networkds and branding the North Atlantic region as world class provider of technology for the marine sector.
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There were two main goals of the project, one short term and the other long term. The primary short term goal was to build a strong and stable relationship with the clusters and high tech firms around the North Atlantic developing new solutions in niche markets.

The long term goal was to build both a stronger identity of the North Atlantic regions as world class provider of technology for the marine sector and more cooperation in high-cost and high-risk production that take several years to develop and to market.

We have achieved our short term goal of building strong and long lasting relationships within the participating clusters. This was achieved by several meetings, conferencesand other events in Iceland, Denmark, Greenland, Newfoundland and Norway.

The strength of the relationship enabled us to work on several short term projects named“the low hanging fruits” that aid us in achieving our long term goal of a stronger identity and as a world class provider of technology for the marine sector.

The low hangingfruits are: The Green Fishing Vessel with participation of companies from Iceland and Norway, development of Arctic Oil and Gas cluster in cooperation with Offshore energy in Denmark and their sister company in Greenland, Project sharing and Turning Waste into Value meeting series. When looking at the low hanging fruits as a whole they all benefit the marine industryin one way or another. However when broken down it could be said that:

  • The Green Fishing vessel benefits the high tech companies and ship builders
  • Arctic oil & gas clusters benefits the countries and supporting companies in Greenland, Denmark and Iceland
  • Project sharing benefits educational organizations, students and the industry which these students enter after their studies
  • Turning waste into value has benefitted the fisheries surrounding the North Atlantic by increasing awareness and giving information about how much we could increase the value of each fish.