Nordic Innovation co-funds about 70 ongoing Nordic innovation projects that contributes to making the Nordic region a pioneering region for sustainable growth. Most of the projects are funded through our programs.
Members of the task force discussing matters around a horseshoe table in a meeting room.
#Health and Life Science

The Nordic Export Task Force

Meet the Nordic Export Task Force that is contributing to the Nordic Welfare Solutions program.


Nordic Startup Managers

Market terms often leave startups short of the talents needed for growth. Matchmaking in Denmark has however proven a success, and now it is time to make it Nordic.


Nordic BAN

NordicBAN wants to create a web based innovation exchange, where investors and young innovative growth companies can meet on a virtual floor.

#Circular Economy #Entrepreneurship

Nordic Cleantech Innovation Cluster

Few potential customers in the home market leave many Nordic cleantech startup companies ill-fated – but there may be a cure.


Accelerace Life

With a goal to create more than 200 new jobs, the Accelerace Life project sets its aim high.

#Buildings and Cities

Funded joint Nordic events

See which activities promoting Nordic solutions for sustainable, smart and liveable cities to relevant stakeholders from outside the Nordic region we have previously funded.

The #NordicMade team in New York, Times Square.


The Nordic startup community join forces to let the world know about all the exciting startup stories from the region.

The project team throwing feathers into the air.
#Circular Economy


Developing a way to use feather as an alternative source of feed.