Nordic Innovation co-funds about 70 ongoing Nordic innovation projects that contributes to making the Nordic region a pioneering region for sustainable growth. Most of the projects are funded through our programs.
#Ocean Economy

Innovative Fish Counters

Innovative fish counters is the first completed project in the Nordic Marine Innovation Program.

#Ocean Economy

Enriched Convenience Seafood Products

The overall goal was successful product development of enriched seafood dishes with bioactive compounds such as seaweed, fish proteins and fish oil and an increase in variety of seafood products with functional properties for targeted consumers.

#Ocean Economy

Aquaponics NOMA

AQUAPONIC NOMA will establish a network for cooperation between businesses, researchers and consumers in the Nordic region, in order to provide new innovations supporting a more competitive and sustainable aquaculture and food sector.

#Ocean Economy

Nordic Marine Marketing Project

The project goal is to improve the Nordic Marine Companies‘ international competitiveness by engaging students in consulting solution projects that could increase the Nordic Marine value proposition.

Fish on rocks
#Ocean Economy

Superchilling of Fish

The ultimate goal of the project is to increase quality and shelf-life of products, give more security in the cold chain of fresh products, and lower production and logistic cost.

#Health and Life Science

Patient-Professional Communication Plug-in (PPCP)

The PPCP offers a commercially sustainable and comprehensive solution for developing and using everyday language in written as well as spoken patient-professional digital communication design – so that they can focus on living instead of being ill.